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10 Extraordinary Modern Day Judgements…Are They Related To The Treatment Of Israel

SW wolf


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7 thoughts on “10 Extraordinary Modern Day Judgements…Are They Related To The Treatment Of Israel

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Well, I certainly see that America is going downhill as God propecised.
    God “chooses” the leaders of a country. God wanted president Obama
    to dismantal America as a superpower. He (Obama) thinks that America should
    have no more influence on the world stage then Canada. Canada isn’t a
    particulary bad place to live. You have a “first world” quality of life, but Canada
    has zero influence on the world scene. We are moving to one-worldism,
    Nothing can stop this because God Himself, wants this to happen.
    He is setting the stage for the appearence of the Antichrist. (We all ready live
    under an Antichristian system for all intents and purposes. “The Mystery of
    Ineqiutity, is ALREADY at work.” We have religon don’t we?)
    The good news is that Israel is here to stay! A great store a natural gas was
    discovered off shore. Israel’s energy needs are solved. This is another thing I
    knew would ocurr 30 years ago. The world will have to come hat in hand to Israel!
    Things SHOULD remain realitively secure and stable, because the Gospel must be
    preached throughout the world before Jesus can return. I just doubt the there will be much Gospel teaching from the U.S. You would have to get up from your
    fornication bed to do God’s work, and barring a miracle, that’s not gong to happen!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I never fully “trust.” I’ve been “burned” too many times.
    You should have a fuller understanding about what Pluto in the first
    house really means, and how some people react to Pluto in the first house.
    Having a Mars opposition is like throwing gasoline on it! Also, I forgot, I have
    Pluto conjuct. ASC!
    I’d like to say I see a “happy ending” but I don’t!

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