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A Woman Who Saw Hitler Rise To Power

colors-of-the-soul-stefan-kuhnKitty Werthmann survived Hitler and wants to warn America

8 thoughts on “A Woman Who Saw Hitler Rise To Power

  1. amiannLysistrata

    Perception, my friend. Perception. As you know not every meridian chords harmoniously with ones life. Freedom does come at a cost as well. Freedom gives the bad a chance at proliferation as well. It was Lucifers freedom that God offered that brought forth unspeakable evil.

    Freedom, in the eyes of its people, leads to them never leaving the country, thus in essence being trapped by their own notion of utopia.

    A lot of ppl leave your country because their life view leads them to other shores. In essence, it is war and totalianarism that destroys lives. A peaceful country is free.

    Freedom within ethical and sound limits beats freedom in its totality.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    No offense intended, but you are what my sister-in-law would call a “silly goosie!”
    You contain a great number of contradictions!
    On the one hand, you come off as an arch conservative Tea Party type.
    On the other hand you are liberal enough to combine Astrology with your conservative
    Christian beliefs. I don’t have to tell you that there are many “Christians” who’d say
    that you are an evil woman on the path to destruction.
    I veimently disagree with that assessment, but I have to ask, “Do you ever feel any qualms
    about the life choices you made?’ You’re obviously a very rare bird!
    Unlike most of the people who follow your blog, I too believe that Jesus Christ is the
    “way, the truth and the life, and that “Nobody gets to the Father except through Him.”
    Most of your other followers are solely interested in the Astrological info.
    I’m sure you’re aware that if you DO subscribe to the tenants of Astrology there are certain
    un-Christian beliefs that go along with it such as reincarnation.
    It says in scripture, “It is given to all men to die ONCE, and then the Judgement.
    As a believing Christian, I cannot believe in the concept of many lives, no matter what
    “evidence” is put forth to show it.
    I happen to be interested in Astrology solely as “personality typology aide.” For whatever
    reason, we can glean important information on what makes a person “tick” IF we have
    the COMPLETE birth data.
    Other then that, I’m interested in the ZODIAC symbology. It has hidden esoteric information
    about the nature of reality and about how God relates to mankind.
    The 12 ZODIAC signs have been known by EVERY culture including the orient, who
    abandoned them for the animal signs for some unknown reason.
    All of the Astrological decants in western Astrology, have desciptive titles revolving
    around the life of Christ.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Lon
      I don’t know how my belief system does not hold together. Astrology is a science. If you study biology, are you from the devil? if you study nutrition, are you hooked up with the devil. Astrology is not spiritual, per se. It is the science of the electromagnetic energies and how they effect each person. That is it! I know Christians think it is from the devil but I don’t or I would not do it lol Current physics can prove psychic happenings with the smallest molecules known–the quark.
      You are separating me into pieces which are not me, my Friend.

  3. amiannSiggy

    Hi Ami,
    I have just been reading your political section and see you are ultra Conservative. I respect your views as I have many friends who are conservative. But for me and my household we are Christian Socialists members

    Check it out if you get the time. The early Church worked as a collective selling their goods for the poor and collective. The National Health System in the UK is a fantastic model for America. The Labour government who started all the reforms after the second world war had many Christians in its party.

    Blessings Steve

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