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Obama and the Fall of America

Obama got elected because he was black, not in spite of it, or because it was immaterial. Martin Luther King would not have wanted Obama. MLK told us to look at a man’s heart and not his color. Hence, the election of Obama for the reason he was elected would be antithetical to MLK’s outlook on humanity.

That being said, let’s look at Obama’s election. Black people voted for a black person. No one KNEW Obama. He had no record, virtually. What was known about Obama was hidden by the media. If not, white America would not have voted for him. White America is conservative, basically. They have conservative values of family, a work ethic, Judeo-Christian values etc.

Obama came up as an unknown and acted as if he would unite people. White people feel guilty about slavery. Most white people do not hate black people. Obama seemed like a chance for white America to show black America that they were ONE. Most people want this. Most people are good at heart. most people do not hate due to skin color. So, Obama presented a dream.

There are other factors, such as the dumbing down of America. Few Americans know basic civics and basic American and World History. The TV is stupidites, mostly. People care about the stuidities more than actual events playing out on the world or US stage.

The entitlement mentality got to be the prevailing way of thought for more than 50% of the country. This was from a slow eroding of values such as pride in self reliance.

The family was not revered,as the basic building block of society. The family was independent in earlier times. The erosion of the family was one of the roots of the election of Obama.

Slavery was a key root in the election of Obama. Black America was angry and RIGHTLY SO. White America wanted to try to make up for slavery. The sentiment was laudable. Slavery was a blight on America. However, this dream was a chimera.

Back to today, Obama is entrenched. He, either, stole the election, strong armed people with union thugs or tapped into the dumbed down population by cheap promises on election day. It was a combination of all of these, I am sure.

It is over for our freedom. It will be eroded, rather slowly, but it is not that slow, if you watch.

4 thoughts on “Obama and the Fall of America

  1. amiannabhishek

    I know ami its after obama’s reign dat america got a 16 trillion debt, its after him that severe unemployment hitt the US, its after him dat people noticed the intense outsourcing and the rise of china, but US is not all alone a grt hand is theres of global recession dat i had said u earlier and is certainly not the matter of my this post but the resent gun issue in which obama is being so severely criticised…….. I am with him i think its genuine step to curb violence and killings of any kinds infact wud love to implement in india and all other peace loving countries. When u said dat some thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, u shouldnt forget that if the rule is implemented well how would the good guy have a gun?????????????? Isnt it obvious……….. No public guns, no murderings atleast and no pshycos roaming around with their own or stolen guns to kill children or nuns ………just as simple as that 🙂 isnt it???

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Criminals will get all the guns they want. Law abiding people will not. Hence, criminals can do what they want, as no ordinary man can protect his house, his family or himself. Also, the government could become tyrannical as in Nazi Germany because citizens were disarmed 3 years before, hoping what YOU hope, Ab dear,

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