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For People Who Hate Jews……

garret-walker-saving-graceFor people who hate Jews. no information on how the Jews came to have their  legitimate homeland will matter.

For people who hate Jews, no facts will matter

For people who hate Jews, they will hate to the ultimate end which is to try to do what Hitler could not do, which is to destroy every Jew.

For people who hate Jews, nothing will stop them but an encounter with God.

For people who hate Jews, they will usher in the End times which will culminate in all nations turning against tiny Israel.

Then, people will see the true defender of Israel come on the scene. That is Israel’s Messiah.

For all people who hate Jews, you are making a choice to serve darkness and that choice will be your fate.

For anyone who wants to know the truth, this website exists.


5 thoughts on “For People Who Hate Jews……

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Or, how about for people who “hate” in general regardless of the reason?
    People always assume that they have “viabile” reasons to hate.
    But just as with fear, “The only thing to fear, is fear itself.” And the only thing
    to hate, is hate itself.
    May be this is what God is trying to teach us by placing us in an “unfair”

  2. amiannLon Spector

    “Jew-hatred” is embedded in EVERY religion, except maybe the Eastern
    “Christianity” was never suppost to become a religion. Christ was suppost to
    return much sooner. When the first leaders of the “Church” died out, we gradually
    got “orginized” religion. It wasn’t very “organized” because people THEMSELVES
    are not ORGANIZED. That’s why you had schisms and stuff.
    Phoney “christian religion” didn’t fit the bill, so the “window dressing” was
    rearrainged and phoney Islamic religion was developed. Islam will barely tolorate
    Jews + Christians as long as it is “top dog,” Islam will NOT allow other religions
    after it because it considers itself to be the FINAL revelation from God.
    That’s why they persecute “new” religions EVEN MORE then Jews + Christians.
    If I couldn’t be a “true Born Again Christian” then I’d be a Buddist or a Taoist.
    I’d never want to be an “incomplete” Jew, a fake Christian, or a vicious.
    murderous Moslem. (Though it IS true that the SUFI branch of Islam has a lot to
    reccomend itself.)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It is weird but I know a man I really respect. I found out he was a Muslim and I was shocked. He respects Israel and he was always really good to me. I think he is a Sufi.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    You’ve got to assimulate all the helpful and positive aspects of
    different spiritual systems, and disgard all the obstructionist and
    useless parts of these systems.
    Reciprocity is ALWAYS the most viable part of any system.

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