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Trapped for Four Years by Muslim Husband and his Family


Foreign women who marry and move to a Muslim country can be trapped by culture and laws in which they have few rights. One American woman has a harrowing tale.

Story Highlights


  • Sara Rogers spent four years trapped in Palestinian territory until she escaped with her children in 2005
  • The State Department has said it has “very limited capability” in Gaza regarding kidnapped citizens




5 thoughts on “Trapped for Four Years by Muslim Husband and his Family

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Why is it that Jewish women are so sucessible to becoming involved with there
    fanatics, and/or becoming fanatics themselves?
    I read a book not long ago about another Jewish woman who forsook her family, wealth
    and upbringing to immagrate to Pakistain in 1962, to become a Moslem scholar.
    I wish I remembered the title. The cover shows her with a sack over her head.
    She lived in Pakistan for many years, married a Pakistanian man, became a traditional
    Moslem wife. She gave birth to 8 children, some stillborn. (The unsanitary conditions
    there almost killed her.) She’s still alive today and justifies every evil act done in the
    name of Allah and every decision she’s made. It’s called comittment and consistencey.
    Comitment to what?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    The woman that you spoke about in your article was Jewish. I read a lengthly article
    about her in the N.Y. Post Newspaper. The woman I spoke about was also Jewish.
    The Islamic religion WILL accept Jewish converts. Much of their growth came through
    forced conversions. They would hold a sword to your neck and say: “Convert or die!”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Jewish people try so hard to be tolerant because of the past abuses. It goes waaaaayyy too far and is really sad. The Jewish people who are for Obama are a pure disgrace imo

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