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Why Do People Hate The Jews?

I know people ask this question. However, it is most likely in their private thoughts. It is not polite cocktail party talk. I will answer it from the perspective of being a Jew and a Born Again Christian( just as Jesus was, by the way) This topic has been niggling at me because I get hate from the New Age people, not all, but some. The New Age people are supposed to be Kumbaya to everyone, so what gives? I will try to explain that. I will try to explain why the default position of the human’s hate is often the Jews. There seems to be no apparent reason. I will write about this.

I am in several New Age groups because I am an Astrologer. New Age people never admit to hating anyone. It is the New Age mantra to love all things from the fly up to the Universe.However, as I get to know some of these people, I see an upsetting trend. I wrote about this elsewhere but will reiterate. The present cultural bias is to accept lies about how the Jews came to have their homeland, Israel.

I have had the same conversation with countless new Age people. I will show them, in black and white, how Israel came to be a nation. They will agree that the Jews have a right to their tiny piece of land. However, in the next breath, they will still hate the Jews and want the Jews to give up their land. I have had this conversation so many times that I stopped, pulled back and tried to figure out what was going on. That is the subject of this article:the deception of people and why

It is funny that I am writing this article and see this on Facebook. I will share it with you to spare me from having to write the same thing, myself.

There is a preliminary historical fact that must be established; THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CIVILIZATION OR NATION REFERRED TO AS

5 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate The Jews?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Well , you said it. The hatred is based in ignorance. People believe in what is fed to
    them by the media. The media is pro-Palestianian because it sees them as the
    “underdog” and the media always supports the percieved underdog.
    The Palestianins are the modern day desendents of the ancient Philostienes. That’s
    how the name was durived. Phlistine/Palestine.
    The Philistines had their origination in the Medaterian sea, off the west coast of Cannan.
    They were known as the “sea peoples.” They set up clonies along the coast in many
    middle eastern nations. In North Africa they were known as the Ber Bers. They adopted
    Islam and have been mistaken for Arabs. They are about as “Arab” as someone from
    Indonesia. They settled in places like Lybia. The late cornel Kadaffy was from that race.
    These “sea peoples” have an immense racial hatred of the Jews, because they feel they
    were evicted from land that is rightfully theirs. It’s amazing how history constantly repeats
    itself. I think it was in the book of Ecclestiastee’s were it says: “There is nothing new
    under the Sun.” You look to the past if you want to know the future. That’s why I’m
    confident that Iran will once again become a friend of Israel. They were once before, and
    will be again.

  2. amiannSteve J-J

    Interestingly in the Bible the Persians often supported Israel. The wise men were said to be from Persia mainly called Magi in most Bible translations but in the amplified bible version (Matt 2 v1) it calls them astrologers. They came to worship Jesus the King of the Jews and our saviour. We are told by Jesus to watch for signs in the heavens. Maybe that is our duty as Christian astrologers?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I feel God wanted me to be an Astrologer. I have the Astrowizard Asteroid conj my ASC–exact. One night at 3 AM, I woke up and a voice told me to study Astrology and stop watching all TV. I have not watched TV for 4 years, basically, and don’t miss it. I could not stand to watch it, after this. God did that to me.

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