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Why Does Obama Usher in the Last Days?

You do not have to be a Bible scholar to see that great changes are coming on the earth. Great earth changes are coming such as earthquakes and killer storms. They have always been here but they are more FREQUENT and CLOSER. This is a sign of the End Times, as is Obama, in all his glory *sigh*

All nations will turn against Israel. The US would have to have a president who hates Israel, to usher in the End times. Make no mistake, Obama hates Israel. This breaks my heart. I tried to tell people, but it fell on deaf ears. No one can stop the End Times. Make no mistake, anyone who turns against Israel will pay. Obama will pay, as well as the common man who hurts Israel.

However, in the meantime, it is scary for all of us.

Very bad things are going to come to the US. You can see this. You don’t need to know the Bible. You can see with your own eyes. You must choose whom you will serve. You must choose on whose side you will go.

You must choose your God, or choose no god.

We are in the End Times. Study your Bible or come on my Forum. I have a Bible Prophecy Forum. It is free. You can ask any question you have. Everyone is welcome. Any question is welcome.


2 thoughts on “Why Does Obama Usher in the Last Days?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    In order to understand the chronology of the “Last Days” it is necessisory to understand
    that God has his own time table and He will not be rushed!
    As Human Beings we are very impatient and we want things yesterday. This is understandable
    as the human life expectancy is approximately 70yrs, and we obviously want things to get
    But “A day is like 1000 yrs. with God.” He has been working since the dawn of history to
    impliment his plans,and if need be, He would let another 1000 years go by!
    This is why Christianity is a “faith” of faith. Because we don’t always see tangable proof of
    the things we believe in , and God has to furnish us with that faith. “A man can get nothing
    unless he recieves it from Heaven.”
    So how will we know when it is near the time for Christ’s return? We must look towards
    the Middle Eastern nations. Jesus said, “Behold, the Fig tree, (Israel) AND ALL THE TREES
    when they bloom forth you will know He is at the door.”
    Many people mistakenly believe that it was the mere restablishment of Israel is the only
    propethic event that has to occurr before Christ returns. Actually it is the rebirth of Israel
    coupled with the reestablishment of other middle eastern states such as Egypt, Syria
    (Assyria) Iraq, (Babylon) Iran (Persia).
    Many people have errorounsly taken Bible prophacey out of the middle east (Where it
    belongs) and taken into Western Europe or far eastern Asia. True, America will dwindle
    as a superpower and that in itself will assist the emergece of these “new” countries. They
    will not really be “new”, they will just be “restored.”

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