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WHY the Muslims Will Never Be Able to Get Rid of the Jews?

Why me? I seemed called upon to answer the hard questions because most people won’t. George Orwell said that when freedom gets repressed, truth will become the new hate speech. We are there when it comes to the Muslims

I hate lies because I grew up with multitudes of them. As such, I try to talk with truth and from truth.

Lets start here–the nature of the Arabs. They are the sons of Ishmael. The Arabs originated from Sarah’s desire for a son with her husband, Abraham. God told Sarah to WAIT and God would provide her a son with her own husband. However, Sarah got impatient and told Abraham to have a child with Hagaar, Sarah’s maid. Sarah went her own way, as we all tend to do.

Sarah greatly resented Hagaar and Ishmael, her son with Abraham. There was terrible rancor. Sarah begged Abraham to banish them and he did.

Hagaar called out to God for help. God told her that Ishmael’s descendants, the Arabs, would have land and wealth but God’s plan for the redemption of man and the salvation of the world would be through Isaac’s descendants, the Jews.

Right here, is the start of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Right here, the jealousy of Ishmael to his brother came down through the ages with multitudes of pain and angst. All you see today with the Arab’s hatred for Israel starts here. God loves all people. That is one of the most important things to understand. God loves an aborted baby who may be a mass of cells in the world’s point of view. To God, that baby is taken to heaven. God loves human life, all human life.

God loves the Arabs, the descendants of Ishmael. However, God’s plan will not be thwarted and God’s plan is through the Jews. Why? Because God wanted is that way? Is it fair? God does not have to be fair, to our human mind. He is God. He does not answer to us. We answer to him. Hence, we have the terrible Arab-Israeli conflict from Sarah’s disobedience. the Arabs, as a group, were not meant to be here, in God’s original plan. However, God, lovingly, provided for them once they were. What do we do with the whole situation, now? I will try to answer.

The Arabs would love to get rid of the Jews with every fiber in their bodies. If anyone is filled with hate for a religious group( we are a religion not a race), the Arabs are filled with hate for the Jews. If any group could try to get it’s act together to get rid of a teeny, tiny piece of land in the Middle East, Israel, with a relatively small number of people, the Arabs have tried from the first day of Israel’s birth. They try until this day. I heard a recent comment from a leading Palestinian Arab that if they could nuke Israel, they would nuke her yesterday. This is very true. WHY CAN”T THEY?

If you look at a map of the Middle east, there are huge, huge masses of Arab land to a sliver of land which is Israel. This sliver fills the Middle East with produce and flowers. This sliver is the gem of the Middle East in technology. This sliver is the height of culture and all forms of human achievement but it is a sliver. The Arabs want this sliver with a demonic passion, but they can’t seem to get it no matter how hard they try and how much they try. WHY?

I have posed two paragraphs of questions and I will try to answer. One reason is because of the nature of the sons of Ishamael, the Arabs. God made them a certain way for a certain reason.Genesis talks about them. They are called wild asses, with every hand against his brother. This one fact describes the Arabs. They cannot align themselves with each other to get anything done. They have rabid infighting, just as they have rabid hatred for the Jews and Christians. As much as they hate Israel, they cannot get in one accord and destroy her. You can imagine if the Jews wanted to get in one accord. It would be very easy. The Jews are a very united people. They are supernatural in their love for each other. God did this.

One way God did this was Anti-Semitism. God put hatred of Jews in many people’s hearts so the Jews would stick together. The Jews are the only identifiable people alive now who were alive in Bible times. One reason is the sword of anti-Semitism united them. However, don’t think that a person can be an Anti-Semite and not pay. God gave a promise in Genesis. “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee. A person will be cursed if he hates the Jews. The famous Kennedy curse is thought to be from this. Joe Kennedy was a virulent Anti-Semite. At any rate, if it was or was not, people who hate Israel will be cursed because all Bible promises hold true.

So, we have answered one big question of why the Muslims will never be able to get rid of the Jews. The other answer is found in God’s promises. Many Replacement Theology adherents want to say that God is done with the Jews. It is a cozy theory to them, like a warm winter sweater . However, they fail to see that if God was not faithful to the Jews, He will not be faithful to them. They do not reason this out as their jealousy prevents them.

However, God can never, ever abrogate a promise. The Bible says that if God were to break his word, the heavens would fall in and the universe would crumble. God promises that the Jews will never ever destroyed. Mark Twain says that one way you can know that God is real is by the existence of the Jews. Mark twain is right .God’s promises are sacrosanct.

On this subject, I will give a humorous anecdote from a wonderful professor of Hebrew, Greek and the Bible, Arnold Fructenbaum. If you are an intellectual type, check out Arnold’s website. He is THE teacher to the teachers. He is brilliant and I don’t use that word lightly. He is a true gem, a true light, a true teacher and a true intellectual. He can make the complex easy. As you can tell I adore him and have listened to most of his materials.

The story I want to tell relates to one of Arnold’s lectures.. He advertised a lecture called ” How to Get Rid of the Jew”. He had a huge Muslim audience who came with bated breath to finally see if there was a way to rid the earth of their enemy. Arnold talked about the scripture which says that the Heavens would fall and the Universe will collapse if the Jew ceases to exist. Arnold, laughingly, says that there were many, very unhappy Muslims, that day.

The point of this is that God will rule. God will have His say. You can’t outfox him. You can’t outsmart Him. You can’t put one over on Him. You can worship Him. You can call Him lord or you can go the way of destruction. This hold true for individuals, as well as countries.How will this destruction happen to you? I don’t know. It will be different for different people but it will happen.






I will be back. Sorry for typos

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6 thoughts on “WHY the Muslims Will Never Be Able to Get Rid of the Jews?

  1. amiannerika

    What a bunch of baloney…. You need to travel to the Middle East and cohabit with both Palestinian Christians and Muslims for a couple of months. You need to get a clue as to how unjustly our bothers and sisters in Christ get treated in Israel as well as the Muslims. People like you are the problem… In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ OPEN YOUR MIND AND EYES!!!

      1. amiannerika

        You have been to Israel twice alright…

        However, cohabiting in the West Bank area with Christian Palestinians as well as Muslims for an extensive period of time is a very different experience and truly lets you gain a perspective of the injustice this people with their children go through. Open your eyes, our lord Jesus is never on the side of Injustice and Evil.

        We, as a Christian Nation did great job in supporting the Jews after world II. However, we are in different era- the Jews now have Political Power and are abusing this very power they have gained in Israel and as well to some extent here in the states with their lobby in Washington.

        We have only to thank our lord for the many great real Jews left out there who are against Zionism as they understand too well that those in support of Zionism have hijacked Judaism and what it represents in order justify to their actions to the world, and gain the support the Christian Nations.

        You are a great Psychic and have a very special gift. Use your influence carefully and wisely.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am sorry, my Friend. You don’t understand, sadly. Blessings to you and thank you for your kind words. If you would like to join my Forum and talk, I would like that 🙂

  2. amiannLon Spector

    It is true that the Jews were God’s historical choosen people. God had to start someplace
    and He started with the Jews. God made certain covenental promises to the Jewish people
    and He will keep these promises LONG TERM.
    But live is a long journey in addition to an ultimate destination. The name Israel means
    “He who fights against man and prevails,and He who fights against God and pervails.”
    Despite that fact that the Jews were-and still are- “The chosen people” in no way means
    that they are chosen only to have pleasent experiences. In fact, history shows us that
    some of the things that the Jews were chosen for were down right nasty. It does seem as
    if the Jews have had to fight against both man AND God to survive. But Paul said that
    “All Israel will be saved” so I certainly believe it!
    The important thing to understand NOW is that there are exclusive group of people when it
    comes to salvation. God is no respecter of person’s. It is by the dispension of GRACE
    that people are now saved. NOT religious works (Which always were an abject failure
    anyway. You couldn’t “work” your way into Heaven.)
    When we read the Gospel of John, which was the latest written, and the most contempary
    for the state of Christianity; we are told that “God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in
    Spirit and in Truth.” We can’t do that when we hid behind names, labels, and descripitions.
    Let us love ALL and ask God to provide us with the means to do so!

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