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Christian Psychic——–Finding Comfort With God

Christian Psychics——–What is “Man’s Sinful Nature?”

Christian Psychics——–What is “Man’s Sinful Nature?”

I think when it is all said and done, we arrive at God. For some people, the activities of life keep them sufficiently busy that they never arrive. These may be people whom we call “happy”. Life may have never thrown them enough curve balls that they landed on their knees. This was not the case for me. I was sufficiently broken by life and I called out to God. It has been a long way from nice Jewish girl to a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew.

I will be honest with you, as I always am. Sometimes, I wish I was someone who did not end up on her knees. Despair brought me there. However, I would never choose the route of not having Jesus for anything the world could give me. The journey has been just so very painful. I am writing a novel entitled “You Sound Crazy When You Talk Like That”.That was my life. I am writing a novel so no one will know what is real and what is made up.

I am going adrift of my topic. There are several ways to find comfort with God. One is to be able to discern good and evil. Good is, always, from God because God is love. Evil is from the dark spiritual forces, which are very real, although people do not like to face this. The New Age thinking is that everything can be made good, but this is not true. However, if one can discern tnat which is from God, one can eschew things like fear and depression.I will not say that I do an excellent job of it, but I do try. I do have this as my goal. I do know that a person can make continual attempts in this direction and those attempts will shape life in a more positive way.

When one is hurting, listening to Christian or Messianic Jewish music lifts one up. I love Marty Goetz. I love Casting Crowns. When one is hurting, praising God helps one to elevate one’s thoughts toward God and not one’s problems, which are, usually, ego based. We all have an ego and this ego is our biggest struggle.

Helping someone else is a wonderful to bring comfort to oneself. The Bible tells us that we will be happier in giving than receiving. I like to buy little presents for people in my life and surprise them.

Laughter is one of the best medicines. I love Sasha Baron Cohen. His pure brilliance, always, cheers me up, especially the Ali G interviews.

These are a few ways that one can find joy. The Bible tells us that joy from God will help to keep us strong.

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  1. amiannBecky

    I cried while I read this, because it’s been torture. I needed this so, so much. New Age practices scare me because I know forbidden knowledge exists. How do we trust our discernment?

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