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Christian Psychics—–Sept 23———–Why No Rapture?

Christian Psychics—–Sept 23–Why No Rapture?
I did think the Rapture would be on September 23. I said this and I did think this. I am very disappointed. I want to go. I am waiting to go. The Bible says that those who are waiting for His appearing will get a crown. My crown is waiting for me because I am surely waiting and watching. However, that day has passed and people are writing nasty comments to me,which I expect because I did set a date. My response to this is that I am still waiting. The Rapture will come. We are in the SEASON. The sign of Revelation 12 occurred on September 23. It will happen ONCE in all of time. This is very significant. However, I was wrong on the date and expect people will laugh and make fun of me. Jesus is the Truth, the Life, the Light and the Way. Man may make all sorts of mistakes,but Jesus is, always, right and, always, has His timing right, even if we, as failing humans, err. Love you, Guys!

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