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Christian Psychics——————Why Do People Burn in Hell?


This article could be called “Do People Go To Hell?” or “Why Do People Go To Hell?” It could be called, “How Could a God of Love Send People to Hell?” It is all the same question. One of my precious clients asked it. As I attempted to answer, I realized that it was not an easy answer like microwave popcorn. It starts at the beginning, the very beginning, so let’s start there. I promise you that you will have your answer at the end.

First of all, I believe the Bible. If the Bible says something, I believe it. I believe God inspired every word in the Bible. I believe in creation. I believe in the virgin birth. I believe Jesus is God. I believe that He became a man and came to earth. I believe Jesus is our sacrifice for our sins. I believe Jesus made the way for us to go to Heaven. I believe that our accepting His free gift to us makes us able to go to Heaven when we die.

However, I did not answer the question. The question is, “Why Hell?”

The answer lies in man’s sinful nature. Man is born with a sinful nature. He does not need to do “anything wrong” to “get” a sinful nature. A tiny little baby has a sinful nature. A serial killer has a sinful nature. Mother Teresa had a sinful nature. The Pope has a sinful nature( but that is a WHOLE other can of worms, better left unopened). My point is that no one is pure enough to come into the presence of God. No one is pure enough to see God as He is.

Every man deserves Hell. All of the people listed above deserve Hell. I do. You do. Hell is a place for the people who will not accept the free gift of God’s cleansing of their sins. Hence, people send themselves to Hell. God does not do this.

Every man who ever lived will be shown God, in some form or another. Every man who ever lived will reject God, knowingly, if his final destination proves to be Hell. Hence, every man CHOOSES the place in which he will spend eternity.

I hope that answers some questions. Please, ask more, if you have them. That is why I am here. Everything else comes second to knowing God and sharing about Him.

2 thoughts on “Christian Psychics——————Why Do People Burn in Hell?

  1. amiannIt depends

    All is true as you say it about man and mans inability to be pure enough. Salvation is needed. Different story though for the reality of enlightenment, about which sin and man is no longer identified with and which Jesus as Light is also viewed as a consciousness realization…the gift of becoming what God is, Christed by the Christ in the same way as he and by he. In short all things are God.

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