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15 Ways To Know You Are Dealing With a Sociopath

silver snakeBea asked me this question. It is a good one. I will try to talk from my experience,  rather than list the usual list that goes in these kind of articles.

1. You feel like you have found your soul mate. This man appears to be the man of your dreams. You are walking on air. You never have been so happy.

2. You feel as if he knows you better than anyone in your life. You feel like he knows you deep inside.

3. You feel more understood than you ever have in your life.

4. You feel you found Mr Right times a million

5. He starts doing little things to take away your dignity. These start small.

6. When you call him on it, he acts as if he did not do anything and you are imagining it.

7. You think you ARE imagining it. This is the first step in Gaslighting which is a taking away of the reality of the other person.

8. He may go back to the charming lover you knew initially.  You will feel like it will be alright.

9. He will escalate the Gaslighting behaviors.

10. You will probably blame yourself.

11. He will start to undermine you more. He will use your weaknesses to get you to doubt yourself and to lower your self esteem.

12. The above may go on for a short or long period but the person’s self esteem will suffer a great deal.

13. He may start to cheat and blame you.

14. You may start to think that he cheated because you were inferior in looks, weight etc

15. He will continue on escalating abusive behavior until you leave. The time frame on this varies from days to years to a lifetime.

39 thoughts on “15 Ways To Know You Are Dealing With a Sociopath

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I had someone do it for me once. It was amazing but I don’t feel called to do it, Pong. I want to get into Medical Astrology as my next new subject. There is only so much one can do even though there are plenty of interesting subjects. Ya know 😀

          2. amiannPingp

            Don’t call me Pong, your being rude. In my province, it means something that people dont tend to discuss in public. Call me Abelyn, or Abelena, please.

            Tell me about medical astrology. I heard it was interesting but then you can’t do anything with it unless you have a MD. Then you can be a modern day Hippocrates. It is an aid for doctors but otherwise people would lose interest uness they don’t then they should forage into medicine.

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            Ok, I am sorry. I did not know the customs, Abelena. I know words can mean bad things in other cultures. Once, I called someone a nick name and it missed a letter and it meant slave.

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            The language, you mean? It was the South African language. I am very bad. In Spanish, I know all the bad words and like to shock people 😀

          5. amiannamiann Post author

            Don’t call me Pong, your being rude. In my province, it means something that people dont tend to discuss in public. Call me Abelyn, or Abelena, please.

            Here, B. This will explain it.

          6. amiannSpirica AKA Biblea

            I don’t see anyone by the username Ablena
            A are you meaning Pingp?

            How did u get the idea for ping pong?

          7. amiannamiann Post author

            Yes, it is Pingp, B. Sometimes, I feel like I am playing Ping Pong, you know? I get that kind of bounced around feeling :/

          8. amiannPingp

            Try not to insult me again, Amie Ann. My name does not mean Ping Pong, like the game. People have made fun of me before but you’re the first on a anonymouse website.

  1. amiannRonnie Valentine

    I have looked at medical astrology and found it very interesting, especially the glands, signified by the different planets. And reflexology is also interesting according to planets. On the write about sociopaths, there are those who like to be subservient to a dominant. I found a sub. who had Jupiter in Libra in 8th. House, a woman who needed another to make judgments for her and so allowed the mental and psychological bullying. She refused to talk to me when I suggested her partner was a bully.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Always remember that the chief enemy of sociopaths is routine and boredom.
    They are senation seekers with a very short attention threshold. And every one and thing
    is expendable in their world.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Why is the comment I made on sociopaths above STILL in moderation?
    All I said was that sociopaths were sensation seekers with a low threshood of boredom.
    Grant Lewi, says in “Heaven Knows What,” that a person who has BOTH Uranus and
    Neptune square their Sun is SENSATION seeker and has to consciouslly depersonalize.
    Casey Anthony has both Neptune and Uranus square her Sun!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Your comments are not moderated, per se. I, only moderate when someone swears at me or says a swear. I just did not get to them, yesterday, Lon dear. I am sorry

  4. amiannLon Spector

    Poor Casey. All she has is:
    1) Her family. They may be around for many years but they won’t be around for ever.
    Time actually passes FASTER as you get older.
    2)Her infamy: Many would be attracted to her just for that, but the novelity soon wears
    off over the long haul and druggery of problem filled 9 to 5 living.
    3) Her story: She might get enough money from a book to live on a few more years,
    maybe even leave the country (Venus in 9th) but that may or may not help. Amanda Knox
    got a 4 million dollar advance, but her book didn’t sell much.
    4) Her body. That’s even an average woman’s last refuge. She IS something of a fitness
    fanatic. She could live off men’s lust for some time.
    Come to think of it, maybe her prospects aren’t so bad after all.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    When Casey (I think) attempted to ‘friend” me via skypth approximately a year ago,
    that was quite an experience. Imagine that. The VERY SAME HANDS that whipped
    the batches of chloriform to knock out her daughter, tried to send a message to me!
    Out of ALL the MILLIONS on earth, she was able to read some supportive postings on
    a now defunct web site that I wrote to her! Having no experience with computers at
    such a late age in my life, I would never have known it was possible!
    The same woman that got involved in these evil shanangians and was the most HATED in
    the world, this evil miscreant, who carefully measured out the duct tape that she placed
    on her precious daughters nose and mouth wanted to be my friend!
    Why was I even attracted to her? I was sympathic because I was often the “most hated”
    in many places I have been!
    It has been my experience that a person needn’t DO anything to be the “most hated.”
    It’s ALL about the placements in your chart. People CAN HATE without a valid reason.
    Just the fact that Casey was an underdog, and unloved, NO MATTER WHAT SHE DID
    would be enough to garner my support!
    By the way, the Venus in Aries Casey WAS parked by my mailbox earlier this year when I
    went to retrive my mail. I was too shy to make eye contact and she must have seized me
    up quickly, and took the next flight back to Florida!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Really< Lon? You have a resonance with Casey. I have it with people who other people detest. I have it with a sociopath who most people cannot stand. I have a feeling for him. My chart touches his very closely and beautifully. It just works like this, Lon.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    Remember, Casey has Venus in Aries in the NINTH house. Her chief method of making
    connections with people was via the internet even BEFORE she murdered her daughter.
    Such a person with Uranus conj. Mars in the 5th was having sex as much as 3 times a day,
    according to private investigator Lenorad Padilla. He briefly bailed her out of prison, in the
    false hope that she would help him find her daughter. No one, (Certainly NOT her parents)
    knows how she was spending her days, when she claimed to be working.
    Like many, she would arrainge these internet hook-ups and have sex the very same day.
    How is a Saturn in the 5th house, Venus in Pisces person like myself, to understand how a
    person does this? Also, with Uranus (Which “governs” computers) in my 12th house. I could
    never make EXTENSIVE use of this technology. I might get into a heap of trouble with it,
    (Stir up “hidden enemies” who are always monertering) but , I will ALWAYS be out of my
    Casey, lived (And probably STILL DOES) on the computer. It would be nothing for a Venus
    in Aries risk taker (Uranus + Mars in 5th) to travel ANYWHERE in the world (Venus in 9th)
    in pursuit of her “love connections.”

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