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About Sociopaths —— Know Your OWN mind.THEY will know it if YOU don’t


Human Toys

This is a very entertaining blog about seduction (presented as an account of an actual seduction occurring in real time, but even if it is fiction it is still entertaining and filled with seduction truisms). The first post:


Most people like to think that they are strong-willed. They will often describe themselves as “someone who knows their own mind” or “not one to be pushed around.” It’s an ironic description. People rarely know their own minds. Most are followers not leaders. They are weak-willed and full of exploitable frailties. They are there for the taking by those of us who know our own minds and get to know theirs.


There are a number of ways of getting people to do what one wants. Violence and blackmail can be effective and both have their place in a puppet-master’s tool-kit. But it is much more effective and sustainable to get inside the mind of the subjects. One starts by tapping into explicit needs and desires. Then one moves on to the dark corners of the mind. Those needs and desires that the subject knows but dare not admit. The final step is to create new needs and desires, through careful and patient conditioning. What could be more rewarding than changing a person’s perception of what is “normal

7 thoughts on “About Sociopaths —— Know Your OWN mind.THEY will know it if YOU don’t

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Yep, sociopaths are human preditiors. They are not dumb. They are cunning. They
    know how to minipulate you 8 ways to Sunday.
    For a good explaination of HOW people can be manipulated, read the book “Influence,”
    by Robert Caldini.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      God is above anything that can be named on the earth. That would be a physical condition like heart disease or cancer. It could be a mental condition like mental illness or emotional illness. It could be a sociopath which is a complex of various factors. No one is hopeless with God, Lon.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    We’ve ALL had contact with sociopaths even if it’s “circumstancial.”
    I would regard Bill Clinton as a sociopath as well. He can cry on cue. Out of one eye
    “High functioning” sociopaths are so prevelant in this society, and so sucessful, that
    you could call this country “The United States of Socipathy.”

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