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Am I Oversexed?

I get this question from mainly woman, but some men. The question is not, usually, posed so succinctly, but I know what they mean and it is, “Am I oversexed?” There is some sanity in breaking things down to their lowest common denominator. When I get this question, I will see a Venus in Scorpio. If not, I will see what acts like a Venus in Scorpio, which is any Venus conjunct Pluto. Sometimes, a Venus in the 8th house will ask me this question, too. These last two Venus’ are, virtually, a Venus in Scorpio, as they act like one. For purposes of this discussion, we will refer to everything as a Venus in Scorpio.

Let’s talk about planets in their Detriment or Fall. Even for a beginner, you can check this. You can Google this, or I will put a chart. Venus is in it’s Detriment in Scorpio and Aries.Venus is it’s Home( Domicile) in Taurus and Libra. Venus is Exalted in Pisces, so is it’s it’s Fall in Virgo( the sign opposite to Pisces) Domiciles and Detriments are in opposite signs. Exaltations and Falls are in opposite signs. I am going to do an article on Venus in Virgo because that presents a whole different set of problems, than Venus in Scorpio.

Back to Venus in Scorpio, which is our subject, at hand. Scorpio is the most passionate and most intense sign of the Zodiac. Mars loves Scorpio, as he is a hunter and seducer, in the highest degree. Even woman with Mars in Scorpio are go-getters. They will go after a man or a job, with a hunter’s prowess. Mars in Scorpio is a magical placement. If you have it, the gods shined down on you. Venus is another story, though. Venus is a yin planet. Yin things are passive and receptive. Think of an old fashioned lady, at a ball. She waits for the man to sign her dance card. She holds herself, demurely. She does not fling herself across the room, at any man who catches her eye. She has exquisite manners and functions with ease, in her role of a lady. Venus in Scorpio will have too much passion to stay bundled up, in the corset, which was the costume of ladies of old. She will want to fling it off, in an act of rebellion because the corset is just too darn tight. The whole room would stare at her, as she slunk to the back, embarrassed and humiliated.

Of course, a Venus in Scorpio is not destined to act this way, but she wants to. That is the thing. These desires are strong in her, due to the Scorpio placement. There seems to be no way to really tell her she is OK. You may tell her, but you know she is brushing you aside. My conclusion is that a planet in it’s Detriment is forever uncomfortable. I have Mars in it’s Fall and I forever struggle with assertion and anger. It is classic to Mars in Cancer, as is feeling too passionate for Venus in Scorpio.

Check your chart for planets in the Detriment and Fall and write to me about your experiences.




24 thoughts on “Am I Oversexed?

  1. amianndominiquek

    I have Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. It’s very tough in relationships because most people can’t handle my intensity. I love and hate with a passion. It’s all or nothing with me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, that is very hard. My late son had that. When he fell for a girl, it was awful the intensity he had. I would not wish that on anyone <3

  2. amiannLiz

    Hi Ami.

    I have Venus in Virgo in the 8th. It is Conjunct Jupiter & Pallas in Leo in the 8th. Would love to read your future artice on Venus in Virgo. I think my venus is still impacted by Scorpio tendancies, because I have Pluto in my 8th house too. (It is hard for me not to see that my Scorpio Moon doesn’t impact all of my planets. Through emotions is my way.) But, I do feel my Libra Sun gives me some balance… (also SN in Libra.)
    Also have a Pluto, Uranus, Ceres Conjunction in Virgo in the 8th. Moon is Conjunct Mercury & MC all in Scorpio. Sun in in Libra. (Everything points back to the 8th house. No getting away from intensity or depth.)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Venus in Virgo is a very hard one. It is in the Fall. Any planet in the fall is a hard one. You would have a Scorpio overlay with the 8th house placement, Liz. Scorpio Moon is in the Fall, too. Fall planets just do not work easily but most of us have at least one.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting. You have your 12th House planets which can make for suppression. I think that is what is going on.I know that from learning to sing, I SEE how much I held back my emotions/passions. I did n;t know I was doing it.The 12th House is a holding back of oneself. Does this make sense? xx

  3. amiannMichael

    I have my Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio conjunct one another in the 7th. My Sun is also in Scorpio in the 8th. I feel like women are attracted to me from a distance. But because of my intensity, they never get closer. And if I attempt to even approach them. They get scared off before I can get past saying hi. It’s extremely frustrating and it really hurts sometimes.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Also, what aspects does your moon make. Tell me the orbs as well as the aspects, if you care to. You have to find some part of your chart that is light and see if you can bring this out.

        1. amiannMichael

          I have a Aries ASC and my Moon is in Cancer. It trines my Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, squares my ASC and opposes my Neptune and MC.

          1. amiannMichael

            I feel that to an extent. But it never seems to be enough. The women that are charmed by me spend all their time trying to figure me out, instead of just interacting with me and it never goes anywhere. My friend’s wives and girlfriends say I’m a great guy and would make a great catch. But when no one seems to want to go past a certain distance with me. Their saying that just makes it worse.

  4. amiannjunon

    I have a venus in scorpio conj. with pluto in 3 degrees in my 4st house, and my venus has a trine from my mars in pisces from 8st house,(check from the link: )
    my best partners has scorpio and taurus planets all the times and very strong mars effects or-already aries horoscope:D
    but my relationships are not long lasting, I can not solve the problem ,well I dont know what is the problem thus they are breaking with me 🙁
    I had relationship for 3 times; classical plutonic: I and my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend.. 🙁
    I dont have any hope for the future for love -or marriage, I am 27 but had too many bad experiences and now I dont believe someone can love me deeply

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Right off the bat, your chart does not seem terribly hard. I do not have asteroids and a few bad asteroids could change the picture. I will tell you what I think is hard. You have an air void. Your only air planet is Chiron and that does not count toward a void, so you have a TRUE air void. This makes one very defensive and sensitive to insults and slights. I bet this is going on with you. You may be imagining that people don’t like you when they do. You may be imagining rejection when it is not there. You may MAKE it come because you THINK it is there. This is something for you to think about. I am always honest and direct or why bother with me and my website. That is how I see it. I will look some more.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Your Chiron is in the 11th so i suspect you have a hard time with groups. Is that the case? If not, your hopes and dreams may seem like they are filled with pain. You have to let me know which one it is as the 11th House rules both. I think your problem is this. You have a strong go getter sun. It has a wide conjunction with Saturn. Your father put insecurity and self doubt in you. It is not that bad because the degree is wide but it is still there and you feel it. I think your pain is in the very different parts of your personality. You have a go -getter sun. You have the weakest Mars of all. You don’t have the drive to carry out what your ego wants to do. Then, you doubt yourself a great deal too.

      Your early home life was super up and down. You could not count on stability. Your other problem making for your pain is that Pluto conj Venus cuz you are super intense when it comes to love. You can’t help it. I think all these parts of you are hard to put together.What do you think, Friend?

  5. amiannjunon
    this is my chart with some astroids and fixed stars (just antares and regulos do the hard aspect to my stars)
    what you said is complatelly true, I had always problem with the groups.. I do not feel safe..I always prefer to meet with my even close friends one by one
    for the relations..well saturn in scorpio is very very hard for me,
    saturn in virgo process was hard also.. I had a lover for almost 8 years in 2010, but he had been dating with other women for 2 years, and I totally in love with him, and I accept to meet him, i know it is pathetic..anyways, it was very weird relatinship coulnt get rid of him from my life, but after his marriage, I stopped doing this..
    I felt in love 1 day after his marriage in 2010 but the new guy didnt care about me..
    untill saturn is coming to scorpio; my love life was nothing for 2-3 years..
    then I feld in love with a guyin november 2012, who is from another country, from arjentina.. after 3 weeks, I learned he was in the breaking up process and still in love with his ex g-friend(they were living together for 4 years) he was begging me to stay together but he was totally in love with another girl.. even today, he is still saying I was like an angel and never deserved what he did to me..and he is so regret about it..Bu i do not him back..I suffered enough! besides, he has a drug addiction! his chart:
    It hurted me a lot and I went my way; started a new reltionship but he was the rudest person in my life but he did his best to hide..3 months later I relazed it is not working and broke up..
    in june 2013, i met a guy who is my dream guy..we were friends at the beginning and I learned that he broke up with his ex 2 months ago and still in love with her.. his chart: and our synastry
    he told me he had a lot of problems with his ex and they were all the times fighting, and his dream girl like me; positive, intelligent, like to travell and discover.. (he was talking about his 7st house and his moon in 7-8st house and besides I am sagittarius, my AC is cancern and I think thats why he has been thinking I was his dream girl)
    but he broke up with me , he never confess he is still in love with his ex but ? can understand from his sharings, he was all the times comparing me and his ex.. and after the our relation, he told me he never loved me, he was just spending his time with me and learning from me a lot ( he was 4 years younger than me and he admire me about travelling, learning about the new cultures, new countries.. besides my mother tongue, I know English and Spanish and he decided to learn Spanish after me!! he was doing exactly what I am doing
    I really dont know what kind of relationship this is..

    of course saturn in scoprio destroyed all my life, not only my relations.. one of my flatmate is death,I got a virus the doctors couldn figure it out, I was sick around 1 months.. I lost my job and had to move my country, I found a job 6 months ago but the work was very very hard, my all friends got married in this year, some of them made babies..and It is 2 times hard for me to being single..

    this is my life recently and I hate saturn.. in 1 year 3 relationships , all of them was worse than the other.. also my previous relations were bad too! thats why I just lost my hope and decided to accept this is the destiny..
    and I can not accept it is the thing I created or I think, at the beginning; they are great, very polite and after 2-3 weeks, you are learning the truth that they are different than you see..
    and except these relations I mentioned, I dated at least 100 different guy to find a love in 15 years.. But they didnt work and I coulndt feel any thing or they didnt want to meet me more..

    about my sun: go getting; yes absolutelly, about my dad: he is rich but he gies the money to my brother always, not me! I work a lot ; I studied my university, did my master and now it is time to phd, and in these period, I always worked to make money..I think this is because jupiter in 9st and saturn is square to it..

  6. amiannjunon
    this is my chart..I put with the current transits, maybe it is easier for you

    I dont know how to do with forum..
    I mentioned from my last guy a lot because, when we met, there was a special aspect in the sky, and my and his planets were the beginning of june mars-jupiter and sun were in the gemini, opposite to me natal sun-saturn(my 7st house lord) and uranus,
    and these planets were opposite to his moon, and they were in his 1st house.. Susan Miller wrote it was a special time for sagittarius and gemini- and rising and who has personal planet in these horoscopes too
    besides, there was an eclipse 25st may, in sagittarius-gemini, my sun and his DC were affected directly by 2 degrees..
    we start the relationship in 30 of June, there was grand trine in the sky, :
    saturn: on my venus
    neptun: on my mars
    and jupiter: on my AC and on his mars
    because of these things I thougt he is the one but apperantly, he is not

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