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Behind the Glamor of Being a Sociopath

red blanket girlThere is a glamor to being a sociopath. Should there be? I suppose not but human beings are not how they should be. Are they? I think every woman is attracted to the  sexy vampire. Some won’t admit it. Denial lives in the hearts of most people. Denial is what makes most of our problems. It is very hard to face life squarely. That is one thing the sociopath can do. That is one thing that makes him so attractive.

The sociopath sees beyond social niceties. They mean nothing to him. In this, he is above all men. In this, he is more talented than  all men. However,  all good sides have a bad. The  very genius of the sociopath is his  undoing. The reason he can see with such a piercing eye is that he has no empathy.

Empathy binds one to a situation(  or person)  Hence, without empathy, the sociopath is the master of detachment. One could say he is the master of “cool”

It seems as if the sociopath has a great advantage over mortal folks. He is a form of Superman with his insouciance. However, he gives up a piece of what makes us human. He cannot feel the pain or the joy of another.  He lives where the air is cool in a rarefied  world untouched by human pain or  human love.

Is there really a glamor when one can see behind the mask? The glamor loses it’s shine like a zircon you could have sworn was a diamond until it became old,  black and gnarled. Then, surprise of surprises, it was never beautiful at all.





7 thoughts on “Behind the Glamor of Being a Sociopath

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Absolutely! But bear in mind Sociopaths are chic. They are the “in thing”
    for this era. They are made hero’s of- like “Dexter.” Not just ANY killer.
    But a “principled” killer. There’s a method to their madness.
    The newest media sensation is the 19 year old “Greg’s List” killer, who was
    recently captured in Pennsylvania. She says she was in a Satanic Cult and
    stopped counting the numbers of people she killed after 22.
    There’s no doubt this is going to be a sensation with books and films.
    Interest in sociopaths removes us from our daily druggery. The media is
    replete with sociopathic characters, both real and fictional. On the one
    hand they help us to feel morally superior: They’re animals! I would NEVER do
    that!” On the other hand, the fascination with them harkens back to our own
    ANIMAL nature. They are a “guilty pleasure.”
    But the first and foremost rule is that they have to be “sexy.” Ugly and grimy
    sociopaths hold no interest. They are the creepy losers that no one would
    want to bed to begin with. So they are forced to avenge themselves in a random
    and impersonal way. No one would “touch” Adam Lanza with a 10 foot pole, so he
    had to kill from a distance. Ted Bundy could get “up close and personal.”
    As more and more justification is made for sociopathic behavior from our leaders
    on down, we should expect continued “cultural coarsening” and more legalistic
    fiasco’s, like letting obviously guilty people free simply because of the
    “Halo Effect.” The end result will be a return to the law of the jungle.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    People have “voids” in their lives. Gaping holes in their make up.
    So they desperately try to fill these holes with anything they can!
    The two biggest ways they do this is through activity and accquasition.
    In the “activity realm,” they keep themselves busy (distracted) to push their
    fears and insecurities away. This is seen in many ways. Whether they are
    “legitamate workalohalacs” or “illegitamic party goers,” the idea is to get
    their minds off of how sad and scared they really are. Because hard work is
    praised, many don’t see the motivation for this business is distraction.
    In the “accquistion realm,” people can’t see that the motivation in accquiring
    new “toys” (Items or relationships) is to distract them from their misrable selves.
    The only solution to this “hell” is to transition to a NEW PERSONALITY, to undergo
    the BORN AGAIN expierence.
    You will still have “problems,” but your problems won’t have YOU!

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I would really like to know if you were able to see my prior comment
    DIRECTLY above this one. I don’t mean my comment of Feb. 18th, but
    my Feb. 19th comment. Did it come through? If not, why can I see it on
    my computer and you can’t read it on yours?
    Can I only see it? Or can anyone who comes to this site see it?
    How long does it remain before being taken off?

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