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Do You Crave Intimacy?

Check your 7th house planets. What do you have in the 7th house? The 7th house makes us look for those planets outside of ourselves. This can apply to asteroids, too. Do you have Venus in the 7th, do you need a lover to give you basic self love? Do you have Nessus in the 7th? Do you find abuse from the outside? Do you have Wisdom in the 7th? Do you find wisdom from the outside. Please, comment on what you have in the 7th. Do you yearn to find it in “the other”?

2 thoughts on “Do You Crave Intimacy?

  1. amiannayu

    I have Venus in my seventh house, it is disturbing because it makes me crave for love but yet sometimes I don’t know if I am really in love or just love the idea of love. Venus in Gemini too.

    My recent strings of relationships breakdowns are killing me 🙁

    Glad I found your site, I need this right now. bless you.

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