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Do you Love that Man? Check Your Moons

When you like a guy( or a girl) check his moon. You wear your Ascendant when you walk out the door. You may be a sleek Jaguer or a homey Volvo.Your Ascendant may be a Brooks Brothers shirt , a Versace tie or a comfy pair of worn jeans. That is not the real you. The Sun is not the real you, either. You may wear your Sun when you are in the Boardroom. You may be a confident employer, managing employees with aplomb.However, when you go home, play with your dog or kiss your lover, that is your moon. Your moon is your undressed you. One reserves the moon for intimates.You want your moon to nestle up in the moon of your lover. It will not, if your moons clash. I may have overstated that your ASC and Sun are not you. They are, of course. However, you show this side to many people. The moon is reserved for the few.To be specific, if your moon opposes your lovers moon, you can balance each other. You can go to the other person for a different perspective, but you will not buzz with the warm fuzzies of intimacy, in my opinion. You will have to explain, again and again, why you bought that dress, ate that piece of cake or made that dumb decision. If your moons are trined, he would know. There are a whole variety of possibilities for two moons. There are hard aspects such as squares and oppositions. There is the aspect of transformation, the quincunx. There are the easy aspects, which are the trine and sextile. Then, there is the most powerful aspect, which is the conjunction. I have never experienced moon conjunct moon with someone. I, simply, cannot say how that would feel. I think it would feel wonderful, though. Moon trine moon is an effortless understanding. Moon quincunx moon would be hard, as the quincunx forces two different things to become one. The quincunx is a blending of a peach and a plum to make a nectarine, you could say. The end product is a different animal. I have not experienced a moon quincunx. It could be very taxing, I would imagine.Can you make a relationship work with a hard moon placement? Of course, but your heart will never perfectly meld, like that pair of shoes which is worn in all the right places. Moons that fit, together, with ease, may be the most wonderful placement there is.








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