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Easy, Easy Things Anyone Can Tell About a Relationship From the Synastry Chart

Synastry is the combining of two natal charts to see the bare bones of any relationship. The synastry chart has the man’s natal on the outside and the woman’s natal chart on the inside. I will list some easy things you can look for to find some powerful information.

1.The Moons–The moon is the deepest heart of any person. A man will show his moon to few people: a child, a lover and God. The man’s moon must touch the woman’s in a harmonious way for there to be a soul to soul relationship. For the absolute beginner, the blue lines are the harmonious aspects. The harmonious aspects are the trines and sextiles. With harmonious aspects, there is an easy, comfortable, safe feeling and relaxed flow between the two planets. One needs this to feel as if the person is one’s best friend. Moon conjunct Moon would be very powerful.The conjunction is one planet on top of another. With some planets, the conjunct is harmonious. With others, it is not. With the moon, the conjunction is harmonious!

2. Attraction aspects–There has to be some attraction or no one would enter into a romantic relationship. With attraction, we have several things at which to look, as there are several TYPES of attraction.I will try to address a few of them.

A. Venus trine, sextile or conjunct Venus–this is not a sexual attraction. This is an aesthethic attraction such as my liking opera and your liking rap. It could be likened to my liking hot spicy food and your liking bland. It is a liking of the person’s “way”, if you understand what I mean.It is an appreciating the beauty of that person. To put it simply, it is whether or not that person APPEALS to you. Trines and sextiles are blue lines, as I said. If you have blue lines touching your mutual Venus’, you will appeal to each other. Venus conjunct Venus is a harmonious aspect. If you have red lines, you will not have an easy appeal to each other. Red lines are squares and oppositions. If you have red lines, one may like the opera and the other may like rap blasting. One may like museums and the other may like baseball. Squares and oppositions to the Venus’ do not mark the end of the relationship or the beginning. They simply show that what is pleasing to each person is different.

Venus can also be one’s values.If the Venus’ are in harmonious, there will be a similarity in values. Each person may value family. As such, they would put family, first, as a couple. If the Venus’ are squared, one may like night life at the clubs and the other may like staying home with a movie. In a relationship, this may cause problems as the value systems may collide. Again, Venus in aspect to Venus is not a sexual aspect, per se.

B. Venus trine, sextile or conjunct Pluto . When Pluto touches anything, he puts a nuclear power on it. Venus is a gentle planet with refined sensibilities. Pluto takes her as Rhett Butler with Scarlett O’Hara in the famous scene when he carries her up the stairs to the bedroom. The Pluto in the relationship will be the primal tiger. The Venus will be the recipient. Conversely, Venus square Pluto may be passion of the War of the Roses sort. It may be wonderful at the beginning but may be too contentious to last, long term.

C. Moon trine, sextile or conjunct Pluto When the planet of the deepest heart, the moon, touches the planet of primal nuclear power, we have one of the most intense relationships of the Zodiac. This is the “it aspect” in synastry. It has great tenderness, great understanding and the passion of the ocean’s tides.

D. Mars trine, sextile or conjunct Venus When the planet of drive(Mars) touches the planet of beauty(Venus), we have attraction . This attraction may not last.It is simply attraction. Soul mate love and longevity of the relationship are not a factor in pure attraction which is Mars/Venus. They are something else, altogether.

E. Uranus attraction. Uranus is electricity which includes electrical shock. You know the lightning bolt that hits you when you fall in love? Think Uranus. However, Uranus, itself, has no sustaining power. Uranus in trines and sextiles would be electricity that you could incorporate into the relationship rather than electricity that would be too intense such that it would set your hair on fire and send you running. The conjunction for Uranus is not harmonious. It is usually too intense. The hard aspects with Uranus are usually too electrical, in that they are too uprooting and unstable for relationship longevity. However, you will have fun while they last. We are talking “walking on a high wire” fun.

3. Stability Aspects–Saturn provides stability but it has a flip side. Just enough and rightly placed Saturn makes for stability. Too much and wrongly placed Saturn make for misery. Let me try to explain, briefly. Saturn is glue. glue works wonders in the right places and at the right times. In the wrong places and at the wrong times, you could find your head glued to your pants. Now, THAT would not be good, would it? Lets talk specifics. Saturn in harmonious aspect with Saturn feels like a comfortable glue. The people will feel stable, as if they can stay together, no matter what. However, when we get Saturn in hard aspect to itself, we may have the worst parts of each person vying for top dog. We may have a teacher/teacher relationship with no pupil. Saturn in hard aspect to Venus may make love cold. Saturn cools what it touches. Saturn in hard aspect to Mars may shut down the drive of the other. Saturn in hard aspect to mercury may criticize the mind of the other. Saturn in hard aspect to the moon may criticize the gentle heart of the other.

4 . House Overlays This is an easy way to see what sphere of life you bring to him and vice-versa. One can do House Overlays in a number of ways. You can take any of your planets and see WHICH of his houses it goes into. You bring your planet TO him. You touch him in the domain/sphere of that house. Let me give a few examples. If your Sun overlays to his first house, you will bring him confidence, as his first house is himself. If your Sun overlays to his 7th house, he may think of you as a serious marriage partner. If your Sun overlays his 8th house, you may open up deep passion and/or open up deep emotions in him. If your Sun overlays his 9th house, you may bring intellectual qualities to him and you may relate strongly, in the area of the intellect. In this case, you would not be triggering a romantic interest in you, but an intellectual one. This is based on this one aspect, alone. The chart is made up of thousands of such aspects. The Master Astrologer can put them altogether. This mastery in blending is what separates the levels in Astrology from student to Master, and all the levels in between.


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