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Have You Ever Fallen In Love With a Sociopath?

Have you ever met Mr Right who turned out to be Mr Wrong, times infinity? Did you feel like this man was your perfect lover, perfect friend, perfect soul mate, only to discover that you fell in love with a mask? Fall in love, you do. The sociopath mirrors your needs, hopes, desires and dreams. He becomes these. You may give up all, for him. You may give up your social standing, money, reputation and physical and mental health. The woman who was not mirrored as a child is the most at risk, in my humble opinion. This woman cannot see herself as mirroring allows the child to see herself. The unmirrored child has a ghostly outline of a self, whereas other girls have a solid self. This ghostly outline provides the breeding ground for the attraction to a sociopath. This is a hard subject to broach. One may want to blame the man, as this seems the most logical approach. However, what must be understood is that no all woman are subject to the charms of a sociopath. Some woman walk away. Some woman may stay for a short time, and then walk away. Others lose all they have, even their lives, as they seem stuck in the dyad with a sociopath. I am not putting forth blame. I am trying to understand the dynamics, so as to enlighten woman, or anyone who cares to understand.

The woman who was not mirrored as a child is at risk for various behaviors which could wreak havoc with her life, such as addictions and other poor lifestyle choices. It is not her fault,, when one assesses her background. It is her choice, I suppose, as to how she will medicate this pain. There are many negative ways to medicate such pain. One is by falling in love with a sociopath. The medicine could be worse than the cure, in this case, as you may imagine.

The sociopath and his victim, if we can say that, must fit together, as puzzle pieces. If not, the relationship will not get off the ground. The sociopath is, often, promiscuous, so he has many woman from which to choose . He is, also, very charming, making him attractive to most, if not all, woman, at the beginning of the relationship. If a woman ends up in a relationship with him, there must be a fit. The fit they have together, reflects both of them, not just her. Often, the male sociopath hates woman. The woman who ends up with him, may hate woman. Self hating exists in every minority. At any rate, she must hate herself, at some level. If not, she would not be with him, in my humble opinion. I know this may seem stark and direct. However, it is not worth your time to read my articles if I sugar coat things so much that you have pablum. Anyone is free to disagree. I welcome differing points of view and encourage you to comment on my Comment Form.


Back to the woman who is in love with a sociopath. if you are hooked, it may go one of several ways. He may wear you down, such that you, gradually drop your values and morals. The sociopath seems intent on disparaging his partner, particularly if she has high values, to which she adheres with a ferocity. There is something inside the sociopath, in most cases, that wants to corrupt the innocent. The innocent could be a woman with a deeply held belief in God. He may try to get her to make a choice between God and himself. He may try to wear her down, sexually, such that she drops sexual standards to which she held dear. At any rate, in most cases, the woman’s self esteem will be eroded. It may be a gradual process such that she does not notice, all at once. However, at some point,she may turn around and see a shadow of her former self. This is not atypical.

What is a woman to do, if she is in love with a sociopath. I suppose you may think that I cheat and every answer is the same. She must call on God, in my opinion. She must seek Him out, as He has not forgotten her, even if her friends have . Woman, typically, lose their friends when they are in a relationship with a sociopath. This is because the sociopath may want the woman, all to himself. He may see her friends and family as threats. If you are at the end stages of a typical relationships with a sociopath, you may want to get out. However, you may find that you are a prisoner. Your prison may be his threats,. If it comes down to this, take his threats seriously. I just read about a doctor who killed her girlfriend. This is not to be taken lightly. Pray and seek God, first of all. The still small voice of God can lead you out, if you will listen. Start there.

Just to add a few Astrological observations. The woman who falls head over heels in love with a sociopath may have certain Astrological markers. I am speculating based on the charts I have done. What is both good and bad, in Astrology, is that there is little research on many of these subjects. However, that leaves room for the inquisitive Astrological student to break new ground. I give my observations, in that spirit. I think that the woman’s moon may have to have some severe afflictions for her to enter into a relationship with a sociopath and ride that roller coaster until it deposits her, at the end. The moon is one’s mother, ones value for woman and one’s deepest heart. The moon may be unaspected, or hardly aspected. This would indicate a woman who had little mothering. Her moon may be conjunct the asteroid Dejanira. This seems to result in a fractured self. Every chart I have done , to date, with Dejaniria conjunct the Moon, has had a fractured self, and quite severely. The Asteroid Child may be impaired, also.





3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Fallen In Love With a Sociopath?

  1. amiannJim

    Your articles always have something that surprises me … , i was in love once and i believed he was a sociopath lol … what i find more surprising or odd is that i actually have this particular placement … moon conjunct dejanira , thank you for your articles ami

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