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How’s Your Mojo?

Mars, Baby. Your Mars is the way you go after what you want. Your Mars is your stride when you go after that job, that goal or that woman. Your Mars will, either, propel you forward or find you fighting an anxiety attack, in the corner *Sigh*

Lets look at the Mar’s signs and see what is up with this wild ( or not so wild) card.

Aries Mars: Mars in Aries will see his goal and go bounding toward it with abandon. Mars in Aries will be your best champion if you are attacked by wild alligators or just a group of catty woman( Is there a difference?) Mars in Aries is, likely, to have a pet cause which he champions with enthusiasm.You can trust him to stand up, when needed: a rare commodity in this politically correct world.

Taurus Mars : Taurus is fixed earth. Did I say Fixed? *Cough* This can work for or against him. He will take time to make up his mind.He will not go off half baked . This can be a plus in this age of stalking and other wild eyed happenings. Taurus Mars will be practical in attaining his goals. He will use his inherent stability,which he has in good measure. A little foresight before one jumps is a good thing, Cowboy.

Gemini Mars: Gemini is Mutable Air. Mars does not do well in Gemini. Gemini Mars is on a permanent adrenaline high. Mercury loves being in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini has a lightning fast mind( and wit to match) However, when Mars takes it’s place in Gemini, we have a man who can’t sit still( even if it is for the duration of a movie) This Mars may have five schemes on the back burner and dump them all, when a new fancy hits. Did you see Obama in the debate? Gemini Mars.

Cancer Mars: If you think Gemini Mars is bad, think again. Cancer Mars is in the Fall. Yes, the Fall is exactly how it sounds. Cancer Mars needs a permanent bunsen burner under his derriere. He does not like action, so he better pair up with a go-getter woman. Cancer Mars is much worse in a man than in a woman. A woman can look cute afraid to get in the water. However, a man just looks unseemly. Cancer Mars is passive aggressive. It kills him to show anger. Truth be told, he is afraid of all his passions. Mars rules all passions. Cancer Mars will put his anger in his stomach. Bring him the Tums and plan the evening. Don’t kiss him on the first date, as he is a little shy in this arena, too.

Leo Mars: Leo likes to strut his stuff. The Sun loves Leo and gives him oodles of confidence. Mars likes Leo, as well. Leo is Fixed Fire, so he will have more stability that Saggi, who may make a plethora of plans and then flip a coin to see which one he will do. Leo can make plans and execute them. He will look good in the process.Have a mirror, nearby, so he can check himself out, as nothing makes him happier than checking out his gorgeous face, hair and body. Compliment him, lavishly, and he will attain any goal while looking great in the process. Not every Mars can say that.

Virgo Mars: Can we say OCD? If you invite him to your house, make sure it is clean. Make sure your food is fresh and well made. For Goodness Sake, don’t have any foul smells. Virgo has been known to get physically sick from tastes and smells. He can’t help this. He is oh so sensitive. The chart is what it is, Girlfriend. Your Virgo Mars man may pick you to death. Know that he picks himself to death, too. Any planet in Virgo tends to be too meticulous. (Didn’t I say this nicely?) Virgo Mars will pay attention to details. This is good if you are an airhead type. He will be well grounded in earthly things such as bills, papers and taxes. For every Mars sign that you don’t want, other woman will line up. Keep this in mind, when dealing with Virgo. Better yet, get ear plugs, when he rants. Take them out when he is done and smile, sweetly. You are headed for bliss.

Libra Mars: Mars does not like to be in Libra. I cringe when I see a man with Libra Mars. It is bad enough for a woman. A woman can be dainty when she cannot decide on the simplest things. A man is just, well………………. you know. Mars in Libra can’t decide. It is not his fault. If he is your man, make sure to tell him you are going to Chinese or Italian. Don’t leave him with the decision, as the restaurant will be closed by the time he makes up his mind. Ahhh, see, the situation took care of itself. Mars is in it’s Detriment in Libra. The Detriment position is just that. These Astrological Terms mean what they say. Mars is in it’s Fall in Cancer, which has it’s own set of issues. ( Can we say fear?) Mars in Libra has another set. ( Can we say indecision) To ease your minds, all you men with bum Mars. Everyone has a planet or two in the Detriment or Fall.

Scorpio Mars: Some aspects are magical, as if fairy dust sprinkled on them. Mars in Scorpio is the quintessential Mars. Picture James Bond. He HAD to have Mars in Scorpio. Picture Al Pacino in the first Godfather. He had that “something”. A Mars in Scorpio man can make a woman feel beautiful unlike any other. He loves woman. He loves all things erotic. The most straight laced woman will cast off her Brooks Brothers and don black lace. Mars in Scorpio is in it’s Domicile( Home). That is part of why he rules the jungle, shall we say.

Sagittarius Mars: Saggi is known for love ’em and leave ’em. Saggi is Mutable Fire. Saggi Mars may make great plans, but get deterred when he sees a pretty set of legs ( or if the goal gets boring). Saggi loves legs, by the way, but that is beside the point. Saggi hates boredom, as Dracula hates the cross. If you are with a Saggi, make sure you have studied circus acts, such as juggling. Throw these in when you see his eyes glazing. Saggi does not like boredom in love or work. Keep him surprised. Keep his work ever changing such as a pilot on the international route. That should do it, I think.

Capricorn Mars: Mars in Capricorn is a go-getter. He can set goals and reach them, in a seemingly, effortless way. Capricorn Mars is said to dislike woman. I don’t know if this is the case. Perhaps, so. At any rate, he is a go-getter and a goal reacher. If you want a man who will climb the ladder of success, hitch your star to this Mars. Capricorn values quality in all things. Make sure YOU are a woman of quality. Once he loses respect for you, he will replace you. Be warned.

Aquarius Mars: Aquarius Mars is Fixed Air. Aquarius Mars can set goals and stick to them. Aquarius Mars has an open mindedness which is refreshing. He will care about people, in a way that is uplifting. He has a finely tuned sense of right and wrong. One drawback, one could say, is that he can be detached from his body. He would be opposite Mars in Scorpio, in this way. Aquarius Mars may need space, but that is just right for the woman who needs the same. If you have learned anything about Astrology, by now, it is that there is someone who is perfect for everyone.

Pisces Mars: Mars does not like to be in Pisces, as Pisces like to dream, not act. Pisces has one foot in the next world. Pisces can go to the next world via creativity, imagination or artificial substances such as drugs or alcohol. Truth be told, this material world is not Pisces real home. He knows that, at some deep level. As such, the Pisces Mars must push himself to thrive, strive and achieve in the material world, until he goes to the world beyond this one, which is his real home.




5 thoughts on “How’s Your Mojo?

  1. amiannBlackbird

    Ami, the guy in the photo looks like a thug. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

    I can send you a picture of a hot Scorpio guy, but I have to find someone to take a photo of me first. 😉

    How about Ryan Gosling? He’s a Scorpio — well, Sun in Scorpio, anyway.

  2. amianncatman90

    Mmm Jason Mamoa.
    The pictures good Ami but you should have used a picture of him when he was in his Conan the Barbarian costume.

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