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WHAT IS YOUR INTUITIVE TYPE? Physical? Spiritual? Emotional? Mental?

Do you resonate with a SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE?

spirutual intuitiveDo you resonate with a MENTAL INTUITIVE?


mental intutive





Do you resonate with an EMOTIONAL INTUITIVE?


11 thoughts on “WHAT IS YOUR INTUITIVE TYPE? Physical? Spiritual? Emotional? Mental?

      1. amiannLivingMystery

        Lol. Na I’m in exile from the women in my country. Celebant ATM. Yes a great birthday had. With pluto in your fourth house is say your celebant as well. No doubt bout that.

          1. amiannLivingMystery

            Transit. Pluto to the IC or moon transit will bring a period of deep aloneness. I see that pluto has moved past your IC and is now settling deep into the house. Pluto is ugly truth and taboo; everything about your family will come to the surface, and this will be ongoing. And I see that your moon is opposite pluto, so we will know all about it. I’m not so sure that your at peace about it all for the you of you.

  1. amiannLivingMystery

    But ofcourse pluto is also death and re-birth. So the past will die to the now and the future now. The healing of the fourth house for you will be primarily primal. The healing will cut you open. You will bleed. And all those dirty little secrets will be laid bare for your acceptance.

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