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Love is Touching Someone’s Heart

We, all, want huge passions and huge sensations but when you touch someone and they touch you, that is the beauty of life. It does not have to be huge and passionately life changing

It can be you telling someone that they matter. It can be someone telling you that you mean something to them. It can be small, but it will be big.

We need each other. We can think that we don’t, but we do.

I love when I touch someone. My heart feels as if warm honey was poured on it. There will be lots of pain from rejection. There will be lots of pain from feeling alone, but reach out and give love. Wait for love to come back to you. It will because it is a law.

Then, hold this love close to your heart. Thank God for it. Revel in it and enjoy it.

Love is the currency of the human being. It is not money, although money is important. We, all, need love . It is our food. Learn how to deal in the currency of love. It has a power which is very awe-inspiring. Don’t misuse it because God holds love to be very dear. God is love.

Hold it as one would hold a diamond. Use it to build up people. If you dislike someone, try to refrain from revenge. It is hard. I have lashed out on many occasions.

Let God teach you His lessons on love. You will have a jewel, more precious than anything.

Thank you to the people who have loved me.






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