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Lover vs Fling

Lover is tender.It is silly. It is wonderful. It is sharing secrets. It is crying.It is laughing until your stomach splits. A fling is sexual.It is passionate but it is not heart. There is a distinct difference.Uranus touching personal planets in synastry screams fling. Pluto goes to the primal level of a person. Picture a majestic tiger roaming. That is Pluto. How your Pluto touches another person will be very profound.If it touches the moon, you will never forget that person. That person will be your one and only. You may move on but in your heart you never will. Your heart will be given to your Moon/Pluto person. Why? I don’t know. We are primal creatures, I suppose. I don’t know the answer but Moon/Pluto is unequaled for an aspect that is soul to soul with passion that is too hard to describe as it stands alone. That being said, we need to go back to moons. Moon trine moon will be a friend. Moon trine moon will hold your hand when you are sick. They will whisper sweet crazy things to you. You found your heart and soul with moon trine moon.

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