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Real Life Astrology Using Asteroids–Is He a Player? —Part Three

We have looked at House Rulers, with respect to our question. We have looked at some planetary aspects, with respect to our question. Now, on to Asteroids. The consummate Player usually has his Bad Boy Asteroids on his Ascendant. This would be the first place we would look for them, anyway. There are some classic Seducer Asteroids. One is Casanova. The man with Casanova knows he is good. He has his game down and uses it. He has full confidence in his powers of seduction. It has usually become a game with him. When one is so naturally gifted at something, it can be a double edged sword. If you talk to a Casanova, at a really gut level, you may find that the game runs him, rather than vice-versa.The Cupido Asteroid has a different twist, as they all do. Cupido is the look of love, with no heart within. The wielder of Cupido knows it is a game, even more than Casanova, perhaps. It is all good fun to him, as he is so good at it. It may be more like a game of pinball than a game of Hearts. The man with a strong Cupido does not seem to have the ennui of the Casanova. However, I will need more charts and more time, to see if this is really true.

Moving on with Asteroids, there are the Erotic Asteroids. Eros is the classic. A man with Eros conjunct the Ascendant vibes Eros. One can feel it and this man, usually, wields it. It is like vibration candy. Why not? Sappho is an Eros who knows his fine arts. He is a consummate art lover and a consummate erotic soul. When these combine, we have Bolero. There are lesser known Astrological factors which make for magnetism. The Great Attractor is one. This is a black hole in space.It pulls as in the nature of a vortex. How apt.


10 thoughts on “Real Life Astrology Using Asteroids–Is He a Player? —Part Three

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi James
      I would not want to be the ASC person, in this case. Cupido is the look of love but not having any real love i.e someone who wants to play you. Lucifer is spiritual pride:someone who won’t bend his knee to God. These people irritate me. I can feel a strong Lucifer asteroid in people.
      To put it in a word, The Cupido person would probably play with the feelings of the ASC person.Please, tell me the story, James.

          1. amiannjames

            Hey Ami,

            yes lucifer person has taken it upon themselves to be pretty much God and that will have dire consequences, i will be back explaining more, can not write now hun

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