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What Kind of Lover is He?

You can tell what kind of a lover he will be by how he talks. Does he talk incessantly, so you have to hit him with a sledge hammer to get in a word, edgewise? Does he shut up and go into a shell? Does he grunt instead of converse? Does he explain his feelings, deeply and passionately. Astrologically, when we talk about how he converses, we need to look at his Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. With these two signs, you have a lot of mental activity. I think Gemini is Mercury’s Ruling Sign and Virgo is Chiron’s Ruling Sign.. However, that is a subject for another day. To me, Mercury in Gemini is the best communicator of the Zodiac.

However, both Gemini and Virgo have fluid mental processes, but the sign, alone, will not make one a good communicator. Actually, it is a complicated process, I realize, as I attempt to elaborate on it. WHEW. A good lover communicates with his body and his mind. That is what he is doing, if you break it down. He is expressing himself( body, mind and soul) and he is reading you (body, mind and soul). Making love is a complex form of communication.

A good lover will have a well placed and aspected Mercury, the planet of communication. If his Mercury has many squares, which are aspects of non connection between planets( to put it simply), I think he would not have the connections to be a good lover.Lets take some squares and see how they would play out. If a man had Mercury square the Moon, his ability to communicate would be thwarting his emotions( the Moon). If his Mercury squares his Ascendant, his ability to communicate would have a war with his external self(how he acts in the world)which is his Ascendant.In each of the above examples, his Mercury is not free to let loose.

One of my all time favorite aspects in a mans chart is Mercury conjunct Mars. This man will be honest. He will tell you how he feels. He will not be politically correct. He will not be wimpy in how he expresses his thoughts and feelings. He will tell it like it is. I think this is super, super sexy.

Mercury in the various signs makes for a different flavor in expression. Mercury in the bold sign of Aries would speak his mind. He may be cave man like, though, in an Archie Bunker manner. Mercury in Taurus may think and reason, slowly. He may take his time with how he speaks and how he makes love. Mercury in Gemini loves words. Mercury in Gemini would say all the right words. If you are the type who loves words as an aphrodisiac, the Mercury in Gemini man may be perfect for you. Mercury in Leo will be confident and speak with a sense of ease. Mercury in Libra may have a hard time making decisions, as this is a classic trait of any planet in Libra. Mercury in Scorpio will be attracted to dark things such as fetishes and kinky fantasies. Mercury in Saggi may not be able to explain himself well, verbally, as this Mercury is in it’s detriment. Mercury in Cappy will speak tastefully. Mercury in Aquarius may be detached from his emotions. Mercury in Pisces is an interesting one. He is not a linear thinker. He may not be logical,as Pisces has one foot in the next dimension of creativity and mysticism. However, all Mercury in Pisces natives will be quick to tell you that Albert Einstein was a Mercury in Pisces So, I will leave Mercury in Pisces to you, to decipher.

Before, I get off Mercury in the signs, I will explain Venus in the signs, as it relates to this discussion. Your Venus is what you find beautiful. Venus in Gemini loves words. Venus in Scorpio loves dark passions, black silk , spike heels, whips and chains and kink. Venus in Saggi loves humor, a sense of adventure and a joy about life. Venus in Cappy likes antiques, things of value, things that one can respect such as values of loyalty and fidelity. Venus in Aqua loves to help those who are far away, but my not want to snuggle up to the person who is beside him. Venus in Aqua may live in his head, not his body. Venus in Taurus loves sensual things whether they be good food or long lingering kisses. From this, I hope you can see how Venus plays into this.

In trying to answer the question, I realized that I bit off a lot. However, we are into it, now. We have looked at his ease, or non ease, of communication(Mercury)We have looked at what he loves(Venus). I will discuss the Mars, as this is is drive and how he will express it. One’s Mars is a direct look into the drive of a man. If a man can communicate like chocolate dripping off a mouth(Mercury), but cannot go after the woman of his desires, you do not have much to go on. So, one must always look at the Mars when one wants to see what kind of lover he will be. A strong Mars will be a man who can chase. A weak Mars will render him impotent, not to use the wrong word. A weak Mars may make him unable to go after you and later, to fight for you. Mars in Cancer is a weak Mars. If one is a woman, it is one thing, as woman do not have to chase. If one is a man, it can be a problem. Mars in Pisces is a a weak Mars, as it is too dreamy and other worldly. Mars in Libra is a weak Mars. Mars is in it’s detriment in Libra. Mars in Libra can’t make a decision, very well. He hems and haws. Making decisions can be so painful to this Mars that he may become frozen in indecision. A strong Mars would be Aries, as it has fire to achieve what it wants.Mars in Capricorn is strong, particularly in setting goals and having the fortitude to reach them. The strongest Mars is in Scorpio. It has all the best concerning drive and persistence. It is the sexiest Mars sign, bar none.

I need to talk about the Moons. I was reminded my my dear friend, DL, that the Moon is a major player in our connection to our emotions.Some moons are very connected to their emotions. Some moons are not.The Moon which is the most connected to it’s emotions is the Cancer Moon, as the Moon is in it’s home. All water Moons are emotional creatures. Pisces is too sensitive for this world. Scorpio Moon is very sensitive, but wears a suit or armor, which it takes a very long time to penetrate. The Moon in Taurus is a sweetheart and connected to his emotions. The Moon is exalted in Taurus. The Cappy Moon is classic for being a planning Moon rather than a feeling Moon. This could be a “marry for money moon” as it is very,very practical. Practicality can trump feelings. Libra Moon is called the Courtesans Moon, as they can have sex with no feeling, according to folk lore. Aqua Moon and Virgo Moons are cold moons. Aqua likes to detach from feelings. Virgo is very, very picky about anything, including his feelings ( and yours). I do need to add a very important piece of information, when talking about Moons. If your Moon is in good aspect( trine or sextile) with another person’s moon, you will have simpatico. Watch your moons for soul connections. The synastry with the moons trumps the sign of the Moon, in my opinion.

To finish off the discussion, I will talk about synastry, a bit. One man’s passion is another man’s poison. So, the man who would make you wild in bed, would be thrown out by another woman. Synastry rules. It does and it always will. If you want to get into a serious relationship, check the synastry. If you want to get married, put a synastry chart on your wedding registry along with the silver and dishes. It will go a long way when the silver has tarnished and the dish patterns have become yesterdays news.






8 thoughts on “What Kind of Lover is He?

  1. amiannBob

    interesting thoughts, particularly the focus on mercury.

    as a mars scorpio i’ll say thanks but jump right to your thought that “it” is really about how you match up with other, or other’s chart.

    my “former,” for example, has a gemini venus, so you can imagine that she’d appreciate a little more verbosity from scorpio mars, who isn’t all that much into words, words and more words (while my venus in libra understands the need for compromise). and her aries mars is pretty much get-to-the-point (her point, if you get my drift), while scorpio mars’ style is not quite so…in a hurry, and wants “it” a little more all-encompassing, not just scratching an itch.

    i’m using very broad brushstrokes to paint a very general picture but you get my drift.

    as for the moon, i’d say the virgo moon – my placement – is not so much “cold” as perhaps more reserved and discerning. certainly there’s a pickiness to it.

    what generalizations might you make, for example (if you’re so inclined), about a WOMAN with venus aries and scorpio mars?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      a Venus in Aries will chase i.e go after a man without waiting for him. If you add a Mars in Scorpio, I think you would have an assertive/aggressive woman. I think she may want to take the lead, sexually, too. Does this fit, Bob?

  2. amiannBob

    yeah, fits, but the pisces sun and mercury pulls her back some, too.

    bold intimations…then swimming away.

    the tide: in, then out. repeat.

  3. amiannSweet-scorpion

    Wow, I really enjoyed this one Ami! You nailed a lot of major things in this article about how Mars and Moon signs can play out in love.

    My BF has Virgo Merc Rx square his Scorpio Moon in the 4th and many of his deepest feelings are not easily expressed. His deep Scorpio feelings are not easily expressed with his light, witty and frequent communications. He might clam up or seem distant mentally when you probe him emotionally. ” Scorpio Moon is very sensitive, but wears a suit or armor, which it takes a very long time to penetrate.” I also found this to be quite accurate. And when you break down that armor, it’s like striking gold… and also, molten magma, and brimstone. You find a rich inner-world but also a man who can be surprisingly babyish, soulful, and in need of a LOT of compassion.

  4. amiannDavy Song

    Very interesting article…
    I need some help,I have venus in scorpio and I’ve been dating venus in aries for few months,little to say,very explosive.
    He is gemini with moon and jupiter in cancer,mars in pisces,mercury in taurus,venus in aries,neptune/saturn/uranus in capricorn and pluto in scorpio.On the other hand,I have sun,rising sign and mars in libra (1st house),venus,mercury and pluto in scorpio (1st,3rd and 1st houses),jupiter in aries (7th house),saturn and uranus in sagitarrius and neptune in capricorn (don’t remember the houses here).
    We’ve been having a love/hate relationship,we can go weeks happy,then find hard,say a lot of mean things (especially him) then break up.He never says sorry,and he’s too proud (aries traits I know) and he never confronts me face to face (we always broke up by phone,and boy,what he writes do hurt my scoupio venus sensibility!) .But since I understand it,I never play his game.
    What more do you have to say abt us please? We broke up again this morning for tge 3rd time in 3months,I’d like to know if astrologically,we have a chance.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Davy
      Post the charts in my Personal Readings Forum and ask your questions there. I would be happy to look and there is no charge! Hope to see you there. Just to say a few words here, Aries and Scorpio are quincunx so CAN work out a relationship but it takes maturity and time. If you put up the whole chart, you would be better off but if you don’t want to, what do the moons do? Tell me, in detail, with orbs.

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