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What Makes for Passion?

I am talking passion with soul, here. I am not talking longevity. Pluto is the king of passion.Pluto is the majestic tiger strolling through the veld. Look at how he moves with the grace of a dancer. Look at how he is attuned to his senses. Look at how he takes what he wants. Translate that to a man looking at you from across the room. Transpose the tiger over him and you will have Pluto come to life. In synastry, his Pluto must be touching yours and vice-versa for you to feel anything. Pluto has it’s own flavor based on what it touches. If his Pluto touches your Venus, he will make you feel like the most beautiful female who ever walked the earth. If you are a shy type, you will transform. If you wore flannel nightgowns, you will don black silk. You will walk differently. You will have the persona of a sexy woman as you will feel as if you have found your inner animal. That is the power of his Pluto touching your Venus.

If his Pluto touches your moon, you will be hooked beyond Pluto/Venus.Pluto/Venus will fade away as Pluto/Moon pushes you under the tidal wave of passion. The Moon is the tides . Moon/Pluto seems to leave people breathless more than any single aspect in synastry. This is because it is the union of your deepest heart with his primal passion. The moon represents a certain slice of oneself, whether we be a man or a woman. . The moon is the mother. You know the fierceness of a mother’s love. Think mother tiger. What would she do to protect her babies? That is what you would do to protect the man who touches your Moon with his Pluto. The same goes for him with you.The moon is our inner child . What do we love so much about children? They lead with their hearts. We open our heart to our lover when he touches our Moon with his Pluto. That is why Moon/Pluto is so powerful. It encompasses many different kinds of love which rarely go together. Think the love of a mother for a nursing baby. That is the intensity.

I will take a brief detour from passion to talk about soul, per se. Moon touching Moon is soul. This will be the case with a platonic friend, a child, a relative or a lover. Soul touching soul may be the most beautiful aspect to have, surpassing passion. See how your moon touches his if you want soul love. I do not think people can have soul love with moon square moon or moon opposed to moon. This is my personal opinion, only.

I cannot leave the topic of passion without talking about some of the asteroids. We have the dark asteroids, Nessus and Dejanira. These given a certain kind of passion, a dark passion. I have seen soul mate charts which do not have this dark passion. The relationship seems to last longer without it.Perhaps, it takes away the longevity with the intensity which may burn itself up. These are speculations based on samples not large enough to form actual theories, so I will leave it in the realm of speculation. However, in my limited sample of readings, this seems to be the case in most of the Nessus/Dejanira relationships.

There are other asteroids for passion. Lilith is raw passion. When one person’s Lilith hits another’s planet or angle, one will experience raw passion. This passion is not dark, as in Nessus and Dejanira. It is simply passion that exists on it’s own. It is not soul, either. It is passion unleashed, would be the best way to phrase it. Each asteroid has a slightly different twist when we are talking about something love and passion. The Apollo asteroid is about worshipful adoration. When the woman’s planet touches the mans Apollo, she will worship him. The same would be true if his planet touched her Apollo. There are many other asteroids I could add here. I may do this, at a later time. However, this is a good start to answer the question of “What Makes for Passion?”

My addendum will be that when you have these things such as Moon/Pluto, you are caught in a tidal wave. You may want to resist with your mind and your intellect but you can’t. People stand by in horror, as if you are truly being swallowed up by the waves. They want to help. They want to rescue you but they can’t. The chart trumps all. All but God, that is.



24 thoughts on “What Makes for Passion?

  1. amiannfoglia

    dear amiann;
    i ve another question regarding asteroid apollo conjunctions in synastry.
    our draconic apollo’s in an exact conjunction.
    mine gemini 12 13
    his gemini 12 05

    (his natal apollo conj my uranus (vir 23 43- virgo 24 08) / my natal apollo trine his draconic descendant (cancer 24 54- pisces 25 02)
    thank you again…
    what do they mean?

  2. amiannBlackbird

    I know this was posted 7 months ago, so this is “thread necromancy”… apologies in advance.

    I laughed at the picture with the attractively-dressed woman standing right next to the “V12” badge on the Mercedes. Good stuff. Although Mercedes and its vehicles usually aren’t associated with “passion”. Maybe there should be a picture with the same woman standing next to a Lamborghini, or a Pagani Zonda, or an Aston Martin.

    From personal experience, I would say that the desire for something out of reach can create a kind of passion — lunacy, insanity.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am SO glad you are here, BB. I knew you had something special on the ball and wanted to invite you, but I don’t do that, as when I am on LL, I serve Randall and do not mention my website, but certain people, like you, I really wanted to come !

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Anyone can comment on any of my articles, at any time. There are no “have to’s” here, except if a person is going to be a jerk, on my Forum, and I will kick him off but I have not had to, as of yet 😛

  3. amiannAnya

    Wonderful article dear Amy Ann, my complements!
    I`d like to ask you about the Pluto+Lilith equation in Synastry (I`m about the double whammy conjunction with the tightest orbs) and it`s not some “generational“ aspect, because the age difference is quite impressive (Father/daughter effect!). Is this as karmic as it seems, or this is some sizzling hot chemistry between the individuals involved in “All That Jazz“ I really need to know, at least to be sure that there will be no “surprises“ and why does it feel so creepy?!
    Venus+Asc, Venus+Uranus, Venus+Sun, Mars+Mars, Pluto+Moon, Eros+Asc etc… aspects are also presented in their full might.

  4. amiannAnya

    Oh, dear… I`ve got the whole stories through all this time, even had no big time to surf the net. But, I really love your articles and I`m trying to not to miss them anyway.

  5. amiannAnya

    Gosh! There`s some probs with registration, methinks. I dunno, really… whatever…
    The one interesting thing that I`ve got about Pluto/Lilith “Hot Voodoo“ is that this is the “Hungry Wolf“ & the provocative “Red Riding Hood“ type of conversation. But, I just can`t figure it out actually how it all works when there`s just the respect to the “Wolf“ instead of some provocative actions. Some say, that this is the Karmic obsession, something so very fated, but then why does in feel so wrong? who knows… Huh, besides his Sun/Lust conjuncts my Apollo etc… ; )
    Best regards.

  6. amiannAsh

    I’m so glad to have found your article. It all makes sense now – I’m not ‘crazy in the head’ after all! You see, I’ve got a crush on this guy, and we fortunately/unfortunately have moon conjunct pluto on both ends. I tell you, the intensity is overwhelming. And oh, we’re not even together!!!

      1. amiannAsh

        What happened? Well…He (Virgo with Scorpio moon)= Doctor…Me (Aquarius with Libra moon) = Patient. I know! *Sad sigh* A story straight out of a doomed romance novel! He is a very put together, controlled person but around me, he seems to somewhat lose it which is cute. 🙂 He did ask me out but I declined out of fear (was still recovering from a heartache). And this ‘crazy, overwhelming’ connection to him frightened me to no end, actually it still does. Our connection is beyond magnetic, seductively irresistible. I can’t get him out of my head!!! Gods knows I’m trying! Damn this man! So I’ve been trying to find answers to explain why I feel the way I feel for him. As a result turning to ‘astrology.’ As it turns out, according to astrology we have some compelling forces pushing us together such as moon conjunct pluto & mars trine pluto among many others.

        Yep, you’re right about the article, this one will haunt me to my grave!

          1. amiannAsh

            I’ll be going into his office later this year…lets see what happens 🙂 I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’ve got to see ‘our unfinished business’ to an end. Only then I’ll have some closure. Being an ’empath’ doesn’t help me either. It doubles the intensity. I love your blogs, amiann! Keep them coming.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww Thanks Ash. I love to have you as a reader. Why don’t you come and post the synastry with you and the good doctor in my Forum 🙂

  7. amiannjaybaba

    thanks for this post, amiann. i have moon conjunct pluto double whammy with someone AND venus square pluto double whammy. (also: sun conjunct moon, sun/uranus double whammy, moon conjunct venus double whammy and lots of personal/karmic planet connection double whammies) what a ride! if i hadn’t had posts like yours i would not have known what was happening. it is def a soul connection but our moons square, as do our mars. so i am respectfully disagreeing with your comment that if moons are square there is not a soul connection. i had the moon conjunct moon with my boyfriend prior to this one, so i’ve experienced both. they are different and intense but still soul connections. it was easier with the moon conjunct moon guy but this connection is out of this world intense and deep. thanks for being you!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you for the lovely comment, Friend. I did not say there was not a soul connection with Moon square Moon, I don’t think. Maybe, I did. If I did, I meant that if you were married, there may be a severe disconnect between your emotions/hearts. I don’t think it would show up until you were in a kind of relationship like marriage or spent a great deal of time together in a similar kind of living situation. You have Sun conjunct Moon which is close to Moon conjunct Moon and would feel really close. I still bet that in marriage, you may feel that your hearts don’t connect. Maybe, it could be overcome by the other many good aspects, though. That I don’t know xx

  8. amiannlaila

    What kind of relationship will it be with sun conjunction moon,sun conjunction venus,moon conjunction venus,moon opposite pluto, pluto semisquare moon ?

  9. amiannMaria

    What kind of relationship will it be with my pluto opposite to his sun, and his pluto trine with my sun? we had also my moon squared with his pluto, and his moon in sextile with my pluto..

  10. amiannKay

    Hi amiann 🙂
    What about Lilith conjunct Asc at 4 degees? What type of attraction would that be? The man being the Lilith owner.

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