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Which Men are Most Likely to Cheat?

I am going to address cheating men and Sun Signs. Then, I will write about cheating men and moon signs. To answer the question,”What about WOMAN?” Yes, you can use these to apply to woman .

Aries Sun— Aries likes to be number one. Aries is a throw back to the caveman. He wants to be the man and your man. If he feels he is not being treated right in his cave, he may look for another woman to drag there.

Taurus Sun–Taurus is very loyal and he can stick to his commitments. He does not like to hurt other people, as he has quite a bit of empathy. He has a kind heart and a generous spirit. I would put him low on the cheating list

Gemini Sun–OOPS. Are you going to make me do Gemini??? OK, he will cheat. He is a mutable sign. That means, he can slip through the cracks of your house into your neighbor’s.

Cancer Sun–He is low on the cheating list. He values family more than any other sign. He values home and hearth.

Leo Sun–Leo could cheat, but I would not put him at the top of the list. Leo is a fixed sign. As such, he can stick to his commitments. He does need to be worshiped, so make sure you do enough of that. Make him feel like royalty and he will stay home.

Virgo Sun–Virgo is an interesting sign, as it is Mutable earth. Virgo can be very antiseptic. In other words, he probably does not like to put his body next to just anyone’s. He does value integrity and commitments, so I will have to leave Virgo up in the air, as far as his cheating quotient. Write to me, all you Virgos or lovers of Virgos

Libra Sun–Libra is Cardinal Air. Cardinal gives him a core strength. The Sun does not like being in Libra, so he will always have an inherent self doubt. People tell me that Libra may look for perfection. That impossible pursuit may cause him to cheat. I would put Libra in the high middle in terms of cheating possibilities

Scorpio Sun–He goes high on the cheating list. However, he can be very loyal, too. With a Scorpio, make sure you have his heart, as he can find sex anywhere. He is the most charismatic sign in the Zodiac,bar none. Steal his heart and soul, not just his body. Once you have him, don’t skimp on the black silk. Frequent Victoria’s Secret, as much as you can. You should be fine.

Sagittarius Sun–He is the main cheater of the Zodiac. He may espouse high morals, but these can loosen when he sees a pretty face or nice body. Tie your Saggi to the bedpost.

Capricorn Sun–Capricorn is the winner in terms of fidelity. He values all things that stand the test of time. If you prove to be someone he can respect, he will be there for the wedding anniversaries. People have told me that if Capricorn cheats, he will hide it well, as he cares, supremely, for his reputation. However, still, I rate Capricorn Sun as number one in terms of husband material and faithfulness.

Aquarius Sun–Aquarius can go either way. He espouses good values, but does he stick to them? He is fixed air and fixed, anything can stick to things. He is an intellectual type. so may not cheat for sex, as a Scorpio might. I would rate Aqua flat dab in the middle .

Pisces Sun–Pisces can go either way. He is very sensitive. He does not like to hurt people’s feelings. However, he can be number one for addictions of all the denizens of the Zodiac. Addictions can lead one to cheat. Pisces is mutable water. Mutable would put him on the cheating scale, as mutable is, shall we say…………………flexible?


4 thoughts on “Which Men are Most Likely to Cheat?

  1. amiannLiliana

    A Virgo sun and Scorpio moon can be very loyal but once he starts to lose interest or becomes hurt in the relationship, instead of trying to work out the problems, he will begin to wander off. At least that’s what happened in my personal experience, sigh…

  2. amiannwindowbronzer

    Virgos, I think can be very loyal. However, if they feel something is wrong or they feel detached (regardless of whether or not you are detached) he will or can cheat. The Virgo I’ve known/dated has been known to cheat more so online and through phone and very rarely meeting his prospects. He much prefers to have his ego stroked from afar–it seems like for him mixing business (his real relationship) with pleasure (his online/phone relationships) are simply too much. He does prefer mental stimulation, and is more willing to have afars and sexual conversations that way. While some may say it’s better that he’s not sleeping around, this is the equivalent for that to him so it’s just as bad. The ones he does meet/has met in the past, he really felt like he had a connection and was willing to live out his fantasies. I think this is done when they are willing to usher someone new and phase you out. Virgos can be faithful or they can be cheats–just like everyone else. It’s just *how* they go about it is different.

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