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Why Does He Make You Weak In the Knees?

Several parts of the chart are contenders for why he makes you weak in the knees . Oh, the pain of it. *Sigh* Moon/Pluto would be the first planetary aspect. Pluto is your primal self. Picture a majestic tiger, stalking his prey. That is Pluto.Pluto deals in primal desires. If you want intellect, look to Mercury.Our man Pluto is a savage beast. The moon is one’s deepest heart.It is the love of the mother for her nursing baby. It is the lover who will wash your hair.That kind of affection is rare and must be a Moon aspect, in my opinion. Hence, Moon/Pluto is passion plus exquisite tenderness. Asteroid wise, Nessus/Deja makes for obsession. Nessus/Deja makes you tear your hair out and howl at the moon. Nessus is abuse that takes no thought for the other. It is rape. Dejanira is the victim who lies down and lets herself be raped. These are powerful archetypes. We have them, every single one of us. After this, I would check the Child asteroid, as it represents our inner child . Falling in love is child to child. Isn’t that beautiful? It is true. You fall in love: his inner child to yours. Other “weak in the knees” Asteroids are Eros(erotic love), Sappho( erotic love with the arts), Apollo( pure beauty, inner and outer), Lilith( raw sexuality), Chiron( the wound which never heals), Ceres( the unconditional love of the mother), Juno( the faithful love of a devoted wife) and many others.

Lets not leave out the Seduction Asteroids. When you have a man who knows how to wield his Cupido( the look of love but no heart behind it), Eros(erotic love), Sappho( erotic love using the arts) and Casanova( speaks for itself), you know you have little hope of resistance. Poor you.


How could I have forgotten Uranus? *Slaps Head* Uranus is the planet of fast relationships. If you have strong Uranus and no compensating tender factors such as moon trine moon, Ceres and Valentine, I think you may land before you get off the runway. Venus conjunct Mars is another attraction aspect that would fall in the category of Uranus. It will give intense attraction, but not staying power.

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