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With Which Venus’ Are You Compatible?

My working theory is that each person is only compatible with a few Venus’ I will take myself for an example. I am a Gemini Venus. Certain Venus signs outright turn me off for certain distinct reasons. I will give you my list of incompatible Venus’ and why. I will give my list of compatible ones and why. Then, I look forward to your lists!

Incompatible Venus’

Aries—He needs to be chased.

Gemini–Too flighty

Leo—Too vain

Virgo–Too Picky

Libra—Too Refined for my Crazy Humor 😀

Scorpio—Too intense

Capricorn–Too Materialistic

Pisces—Too Sensitive




Compatible Venus’

Taurus–Warm, Down to Earth, Sweet Without Being Stuffy

Cancer–Warm, Home Loving, Cuddly

*Saggi—Fun loving and Likes space

*Aquarius–Intellectual and Likes Space


* Gemini Venus likes space

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19 thoughts on “With Which Venus’ Are You Compatible?

  1. amiannBlackbird

    I have Venus in Virgo. I will be picky about other people if they are out of earshot, or if I’m looking at pictures online or something. If I’m dealing with someone in person, I am much more accepting. I’m not sure if or where this trait is indicated in my chart.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the trine or the sextile. the trine would be Cancer and Scorpio. the sextile would be 60 degrees away. So, Taurus,Cancer, etc. You do the second sign and go around the wheel.

  2. amiannKatie

    I am a Venus in Taurus and I am quite compatible with Venus in Libra as my boyfriend is a Venus in Libra. He is refined(and thinks I am funny, I make him laugh and I have a very quirky sense of humor) and he is very kind. Two Venus signs I know I am incompatible with are Venus in Scorpio and Venus in Leo. Scorpio is too intense and possessive and Leo is waaay too vain and self centered(to those of you with these placements, I am not trying to insult you). I love to cuddle and I like to take it easy; I don’t need fancy things to be happy.

  3. amiannLuke

    For me i can’t really say which Venus signs i feel more compatible with as i feel like i go through i guess you could call it like a transit, or where i am attracted to a certain element of venus signs. For example a few months ago i was attracted to all these Air Venus signs and i found their intellects quite attractive. Lately i have been somehow attracting and being attracted to Water Venus Signs, the Cancer Venus’s are quite sweet, and they know how to make my Venus in Aries in the Leo Decan and Duad as well as the 5th house, awww in amazement :P.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      So sweet, Luke. I think the deepest simpatico comes from the Moons, though. Venus is what we find pleasing and attractive but the Moons are what touch our souls. Where is your Moon?

      1. amiannLuke

        My moon is in Sagittarius and in the first house :), it conjuncts my Ascendant. Both are in Leo Decans and in the Virgo duad :).

          1. amiannLuke

            What is a foe beauty, or did you mean for? 🙂 I also know my Pluto is in Sagittarius and in the 12th house and someone told me this affects my ascendant as it is in the same sign but I’m not sure.

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