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Women who Attracted To Abusive Men

417902_451192401629684_819386590_nAs always, I write about what I know. I wish I didn’t know this subject but I do. I know I am not alone in this because many of my clients are in the same position, as are many of my readers. I like to live in the realm of truth, so with that caveat, I will write about women who are attracted to abusive men. I hope you find something of value.

I think one must be abused to be attracted to abusive men. I think if one were not abused,  one would turn up one’s nose and leap away. Instead, some of us stay. Some of us get hooked as one gets hooked on chocolate, shopping or worse. We live to get the abusive guy. Then, we live to tame the abusive guy. It is not our fault. It was our conditioning. Our conditioning was to merge love with abuse and love with pain.

By some alchemy from Hell, we want to make our background turn out different.We stay. We bleed. We moan. We ooze out our guts. We want to make this one guy turn around. If only we could, we could redeem ourselves like the baptism in water in which the sinner comes out new. Our benediction comes from making the abusive guy love us. Then, we will have absolved our pain like the hand of the priest,  making sinners into saints  in the waters of renewal.




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