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Which Color Are You Most Drawn To Today?

flower color

PINK: Rather than worry about how much there is to do right now, break it down into manageable steps, dear one. If you feel overwhelmed it’s easy to stay stuck and do nothing. But breathing and taking one step at a time will mean you can move forward a lot more easily and what seems far away now will soon be achieved. You can do it!

ORANGE: It’s wonderful that you are involved in so many things at the moment, sweet soul, but if you are feeling drained or tired, it could be important to simplify your schedule and focus on what truly matters to you so that your energy is not spread too thinly. Not only will you feel better but everyone involved will benefit too.

YELLOW: If you’ve been experiencing conflict with yourself or others, this is a message to choose peace as much as possible, dear one. Make it a conscious decision. You may disagree or make mistakes at times, but if you can shift your focus and remember love and that everyone is doing the best they can, it’ll help you heal…even if relationships are ending.

PURPLE: If you have been struggling financially recently, this is a message to let you know that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. So have faith, dear one, and stay open to all the ways that money can come to you. You deserve to receive and as you allow yourself to receive, you have more to give! It’s all part of the natural flow of life!

BLUE: Do something that makes you smile today, lovely one. Having fun and laughing is truly the best medicine for you and literally lightens up your energy. So instead of feeling guilty about playing, see it as an essential part of your self-care. If someone you know could do with cheering up, let them know how much you care. Your kindness will make all the difference

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