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What Is Your Creative Expression?

What Is Your Creative Expression?creative expressionFind out how you express your creativity to the world by choosing the image (with the vibe that speaks to you the most). Everyone is creative in some way or another, but you have a specific method in which you excel in showing the world who you really are. Read below to find the image answers. Let us know if your answer is accurate for you. If you like this quiz, please feel free to comment and SHARE!


1. VOCAL – You express yourself creatively with your voice. How people hear you and what you have to say, is so important for you. Whether it is your storytelling, singing, chatting at a coffee shop, talking to strangers on the street, sharing your ideas at work, chanting, or even being a guest speaker at a conference; your ability to share with the world your vocal creativity is what truly excites you. You love being around other people, for it allows you to share with them all that you possibly can. Your need for vocal expression is so strong, that when others are not willing to listen, you feel incomplete and heartbroken. If you find that you are not expressing yourself vocally and freely these days, you need to start speaking your truth! There is always someone out there willing to listen to what you have to say, even if it’s on Youtube. Like a painting, what you say can be expressed in all different ways. Make sure that you stay aware of how you are coming across to those who are listening. Sing loudly on the street, start your own video blog or podcast. Your vocal expression is your art. Be proud of it.


2. VISUAL – Your creative expression is all about ‘the big picture’. You are so visual that your world revolves around what you see and how you see it. You live for and enjoy the full spectrum of colors and textures. Your life is full of things that you have collected, created and truly admire. Why live simply when you can live boldly through every painting, piece of jewellery or personal expression. You gaze at intricate stained glass windows, stop to watch and admire the street band or take a drive to appreciate the town’s beautiful architecture or natural beauty. Why simply like an apple just because it feeds you, when you can love and appreciate the gorgeous red apple for its beautiful color, shine and perfectly round shape. Everything is about appreciation and the reasons why you appreciate it. Bold, bold, bold! You love to admire the beauty in things, but you yourself also love to be admired. When you paint, it is on the largest canvas you can find with the brightest vivid colors. When you dance, you take up the entire dance floor with your extravagant over the top moves that amaze everyone that is watching. If you feel that you have been living timidly or quietly lately, you need to become more open about expressing what you see and why you feel the way you do about things. If you are doing things small, you are not being your authentic self. Life is too short for you to tame your creativity.

3. INTELLECTUAL– You express yourself creatively through your simplicity and order. Minimalism and intelligence within your world, really sparks your interest. The simplicity in the lines of beautiful architecture, or the mystery of a mathematical equation, really get your creative juices flowing. You tend to be the brains behind the architecture or discoveries behind the medical research. You have no time for fluff or unrealistic ideas. You appreciate structure and you want to know the reasoning and proof behind everything. You would prefer to see a situation in the black and white, avoiding all shades of gray. You might often find yourself going into nature, admiring the simplicity and purity of your surroundings. Finding the hidden meanings within everything is your personal art. You are the question ‘asker’ that needs to receive a clear and precise answer to feel complete. If you have been feeling off track lately, remember that your creative expression is best used through your intellectual power and ability to decode, decipher and determine.


4. ORGANIZATION – You express your creativity through the way you can organize and manage. You love making order from chaos. You take such pride in cooking, baking, creating schedules or setting up the most perfect vegetable garden that produces the highest volume of produce. Your life is about accomplishment and sharing what you can do with others. Your Pinterest account is organized and full of specific folders that showcase different areas of your life. Your family and home life is a race against yourself to see how much you can fit into one day. Your parties consist of the perfect invitations, all the right entertainment, hand sculpted food and goodie bags for your guests to take home. Basically you love to throw a party so that you can show people what you can really accomplish. You’re the one that sets up your band’s rehearsals; your kid’s play dates, the office meetings and the carpooling schedules. You take such pride in organizing the best experience for yourself and for others. Your ability to organize and manage is your ultimate route of creative expression. You always want to be making goals, connections and new projects. You prefer not to be alone, for when you are, you only have yourself to show your skills to. If you are feeling you need a real break… TAKE ONE! You need a massage, a personal holiday or simply a day alone to give yourself the space for introspection. Your life does not need to be a rush. You have the ability to organize your own personal time that can help you internally grow as a person


5. KINESTHETIC – You express your creativity through the contemplative experiences that you provide yourself. You have a wide range of creative outlets and you put such thought and seriousness into each one. The activities and tasks that you put your heart into, you find to be deep and thoughtful. You love to take the time to appreciate the art in an art gallery, truly understand the items in a museum, or experience all you can when you travel. You love the story behind everything. When you journal, you express your inner soul onto the pages. When you write a song, you write the parts for every instrument. You would rather be in a theatre production than be the star of the next blockbuster. Everything is about your craft. You love creating things for others, finding the perfect item at a flea market and keeping your home just right. When you express yourself creatively, you are baring your soul to the world. You enjoy the details of different cultures, writing books or blogging, keeping a diary or journal, writing poetry and listening to thought provoking music. You are a peaceful person who likes to do everything properly, striving for perfection. You are a deep and private person who keeps their creativity somewhat hidden from the world. The best thing for you to do is let more people into your life and don’t take everything so serious. Relax, play, enjoy. Your creative expression is going to be even more enjoyable when you can open up to sharing it with everyone. It will be appreciated. Express!

6. PHYSICALLY – You express yourself creatively through physical form. You are a person who takes charge and is interested in the act of development. Your creative outlet could be… the way that you take care of and transform your body, your music and your band, or your home and the ‘vibe’ people feel there. People who express themselves physically usually like to show the world the physical item they have gained; such as their body, their sculptures, their specific pet, their perfect house or the clothes that they specifically choose each day. You tend to work on projects alone in your shop, art/ craft room or personal gym. You are all about how you can obtain perfection… but what is perfection really? Perfection is an illusion. As a gym teacher, you would not have your students working on their shots on net, but have them spend hours mastering the precise spot on the backboard that would ensure them the perfect rebound shot. Some might refer to you as the boss on The Devil Wears Prada, a drill sergeant or scary personal trainer. Your creative expression is all about your accuracy and about your overall performance. Your insecurities prefer to keep your creativity slightly private, for if you have not reached your idea of utter perfection, you cannot show the world. Loosen up! Art is all about making mistakes, that is half the fun. You need to experience more than a race to the finish line, a gold medal, or a platinum record. You need to add more soul into everything. Soul is free, soul is beautiful.


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