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Crying, The Way Of Healing Emotional Pain

I talked about the book “Cure By Crying” by Thomas Stone. It is a classic, poetry in motion. When you find a simple thing that has so much depth, you are in awe. That is how I feel about this book. I welcome tears. When tears come, I know that I will release pain that holds me back from being the best I can be. If you cannot cry, try to find ways that will allow you to find your tears, again. Many men have not cried in years. This may be the reason they have heart attacks , strokes and other serious conditions. Pain is an energy which stays locked in the body. It WILL manifest. It cannot be shoved down, forever, and be expected to stay there.

Many addictions, diseases, emotional and physical are simply pain. Try to allow your tears to flow. After you cry, you feel like you are next to a stream on a clear, day. You feel clean.

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