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How Do You Deal With Extreme Hatred of You?

Everyone gets extreme hatred in his direction. If one does well, people are jealous. If one does not do well, people scorn. There is no bed under which one can hide . There is no mountain to which one can escape.If you have been abused, you may be afraid of hatred and anger. I am sure you are. Everyone is. It is just worse, if you have been abused

It is funny that the more hatred you get, the easier it is to take. However, you need a few close friends who will pick you up.If not, you will give up. You need a few cheerleaders. After you are helped, you can be a cheerleader to others.

However, back to extreme hatred. No matter what you do, you can’t avoid it. You may be attacked for a personal trait, or for your race or ethnicity. It doesn’t matter. It is extreme hatred. You will be attacked if you are as white as snow. The people who attack you , will attack because the extreme hatred is inside of them.

What can you do? For one thing, try not to engage. Their desire is to get you to engage. They want to bring you to their level. They want to bring you low. Try not to go. You will fail. This is natural and to be expected, as you learn. However, the goal is to not engage them. If you do this enough times, the person will realize that he is showing his true face. That is the last thing he wants to do. He wants to make you look bad, not himself. Most of these people are hiding their true nature. The last thing they want is for others to see their true face. As such, if you do not engage, the person will leave, as staying and continuing to attack will expose them.

That is one skill. The other skill is to try to learn what you can by from them. The most valuable lesson is that you cannot be besmirched unless you engage. You are the only one who can make yourself look bad. It appears as if others can do so. It appears that you are being weak, but you are being wise. When you mud wrestle with a snake, no one can tell who is whom, as you are both covered with mud. Keep this in mind. It will help.

Eleanor Roosevelt was right. No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent. The problem is how long it takes you to figure it out. The other problem is that you must fail many, many times before you do. However, be willing to fail, as there is no learning without it.

My last caveat is to find your few cheerleaders. You can’t do this without them. I dedicate this article to my few mentors. They know who they are.










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