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How To Get Rid of Depression?

Force personal expression. Depression is a result of your not feeling it is OK to be you. Depression is an internal war between the real you and the sanitized you. Force that real you to come out. Play, scream, yell , jump ,laugh, cry or wail . Find some vehicle of personal expression. Work the heck out of it. Whatever is your personal gift, work it. If you are funny, joke in an outrageous way.If you play music, take it to the top. If you sing, let out your inner animal. Let out the anger, rage, frustration and passion.If you don’t sing, play an instrument or do art, find your means of personal expression. God made you with gifts. When you find them , release them in a radical way.Pretend you are going to die, tomorrow. What do you REALLY want to say? Who do you REALLY want to love? What do you really want to show about who you are? Force yourself to do this on a daily basis and your depression will lessen.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Depression?

  1. amiannSaronna

    thanks. i went under my doona for months as i couldn’t force self expression. there was to much going on and i needed that time to turn inwards inside. and it had to do with alot of sadness of not being to express what i felt and what i knew was going on and the not being able to share with anyone but in prayer and meditation. i came out of depression because of daily prayer and meditation. i don’t know how i managed without prayer and meditation. i realised in my situation and circumstances that i was learning the art of selfishness and others didn’t know the art of selfishness but were self centered in their own goals and ambitions and turned a blind eye to what was going on and justified selfish ambition. i went round and round in circles until i dealt with grief and the sadness. then i kept going around in circles without prayer and meditation for such a long time until i figured things out and came out of depression because of prayer and meditation. i did an arts emotions class and this helped with the suppressed emotions after being a ghost for so long that is no self expression outlet except for prayer and meditation and this helped me manage my day from day to day and moment to moment. the sadness was deafening unbearable that i was numb. i cried so many tears and wept when there was a break in the depression and the tables started to change. but it has been like seven years to turn things around. only started meditating and praying consistently on a daily basis for about three or four years. but it has been nearly a six year stretch of persistant mountain climbing. i never thought of giving up. Giving up was never an option but i have learned to enjoy my mars in aquarius with whatever consistency consists of. i hear alot of christians focus on death instead of Jesus empty tomb. and i remember thinking i want to experience this something special with a special person that i hadn’t experienced when i was in the darkest darkness of depression an empty tomb experience. thank you for this insight ami. i need to embrace self expression more and express more joy. this is an excellent website. and to know you are a Christian moastic Jew . i am too.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Saronna. I appreciate your sharing on this. I feel compelled to write about depression. I think it is epidemic. Thank you for being a part of my website and for your comments! I am here as an outreach. Every person who comes on my website is precious to me!

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