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How To Get Self Esteem?

If you follow my website, you follow my life, my triumphs, my sorrows, as I share who I am with the beloved people who read my website. I had an unexpected shift in self esteem. This surprised me, a great deal, as it was totally unexpected. I will tell you what happened. I hope my small steps to emotional health will be a help to others, who are struggling.

I had a situation where I could have lost a great deal. However, my integrity was more important. I stood for my integrity. This was a big enough step, in itself, but it was a springboard for a new door to open up in which I would have to have the strength to stand for my principles and it would be on a larger scale.

All this is the prelude to the story. The story is that by standing up for something greater than myself, I got a large piece of myself, back. Then, the Biblical verse, “You must lose your life for my sake” came to me. True self esteem is in losing your life. True self esteem comes from your place in God, not in yourself, and not in man.

This is an irrevocable principle. However, I found it by free falling with no expectation of this end result. I think that is the nature of faith and I just stumbled onto it.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Self Esteem?

  1. amiannsepalus

    You are hard to understand. So much preparing for nothing: lots of words, not much to say. Yeah, you found God or what ever.

    It doesn’t sound attracting to me to lose one’s life in the name of self-esteem. So if you were going to proselytize someone I don’t think those are the right words to use.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Are you Born Again? It is very hard to understand these things, if you are not, Friend. As to the honesty. I am so committed to it that I will refuse a chart( and any reading) if I cannot be completely honest. It is not worth it to me to have to mince words. I feel I am not offering help to others and it is extremely frustrating to me.

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