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Pick a Card–Insight and Direction–Very Cool







934708_519102898126233_184071312_nSit quietly and make your choice. Mine was exactly right on. See what you get!



10 thoughts on “Pick a Card–Insight and Direction–Very Cool

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Astrology is GREAT! It can tell us so many things. People ridicule it
    because they DON’T understand it, and DON’T want to TRY to understand
    The other day, I answered two questions for myself using Astrology:
    My love for Casey Anthony:
    I have Venus in PISCES in the 8th house!
    Venus in Pisces is the SACRIFICAL VENUS! People with Venus in Pisces would
    love a person EVEN if they were ABUSED!
    The 8th house is the house of death and transformation. It is the house of Pluto.
    I have Pluto in the first house. Therefore, I’m attracted to Plutoian people.
    To have Venus in Pisces in the 8th means I would be attracted to murderers!
    Also, I have Mars in Aquarus in the 7th house.
    Mars is the planet of agression. In “airy Aquarus” it would mean that I don’t
    fight physical battles but intellectual ones. When I argue on blogs in favour of
    Casey Anthony I “alineate” (7th house) “open enemies” who insult me.
    Because of the computer, I am creating many “hidden enemies” (12th house.)

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I would suspect that many of the things I have ALREADY posted will come
    back to haunt me! I’ve ALWAYS ticked people off!
    It’s been aproximately a year since I learned to post on the computer.
    I only know the crudest things. I can see that Uranus in the 12th house
    will be the means of my eventual destruction.
    Unseen enemies? I suspect that I’ve been “observed” because I “know”
    things. I’ve had odd experiences. Like the time I was “haunted,” and attacked
    by unseen hands. It wouldn’t have ocurred to me to call upon the name of
    Jesus back then. I didn’t know Him as my Savior THEN.
    Now, I don’t fear things-that-go-bump in the night. I know Jesus has authority
    over all such things. I wouldn’t be afraid to walk through a graveyard at night,
    not that I’d want to. I used to study “psychic” stuff, but I keep away from those
    things now. You don’t want to invite anything “in.”

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Everything you get, you get from God. People think they obtain things
    by “luck” or “The Secret”, or willing things into existence. That’s not the
    case at all! You get the important things in life, because God wants you
    to have them!
    Astrology can tell you whether you are “lucky.” I have Saturn in the 5th house.
    I have won a few contests, but ONLY a few. My parents loved to gamble but I
    never did. I was gambling to lose. The same thing also applied to romance
    needless to say. I don’t know why gambling and romance should occupy the
    same house, except that sex involves risk taking-terms like “getting lucky’
    etc… If this were a superticious country, like China mother’s would probably put
    their Saturn in the 5th house children to death, sparing the child and themselves
    future misery. Saturn in the 5th-with a rotten chart-is just that bad. I certainly
    can’t see the point of just taking up space in the world!
    God played a nasty trick on me, giving me Saturn in the 5th ALONG with
    Venus in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, Moon trine Neptune among other things in my
    chart! The one thing I need to be happy, is the one thing I can’t have!
    What better defination of torture is that?

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