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Pick a Card–What is Your Reality?





This is amazing. You pick a card and it really seems to work! Tell me what you think. Another Amazing Exercise!









Oracle cards are designed to offer you guidance and direction on any question or issue.  If you choose to use them, Connection To Creative oracle cards bring daily inspiration and insight.  Before drawing a card, pick a question, issue or topic that you would like clarity on.  When you feel clear about what you are inquiring about, hold the question or topic in your mind and click on the card or cards that your eyes are drawn to.  If you decide to draw three cards, the first card speaks to you about your past, the second card the present and the third card the future.

This deck of oracle cards, named What’s Your Reality?, was created for you to have personal artistic and creative realizations and revelations through fantasy filed imagery.  The energy of fascinating story lines and mystical nature is found in every card.  Beautiful photography and detailed descriptions provide you clear and profound insight into whatever issue or subject you are inquiring about.  The photographs in this deck of cards were taken by Spanish photographer, Raquel Jaramago.  Raquel’s amazing attention to detail in her photography and advanced editing, make her work unique and intriguing.

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8 thoughts on “Pick a Card–What is Your Reality?

  1. amianncatman90

    Trust me to get the Idol Charmer.Of Course I didn’t of think of a question before I picked I just picked.

    Everyone loves the host, the celebrity or the party planner. They run the experience with ease, flow and certainty. They are the one responsible for creating a vivid and amazing time for those involved. They are the person in charge of the affair, the “vibe” and creating the memories for others to take home with them. The Idol Charmer is usually charming and charismatic, everyone’s best friend or the person who can do anything. All good experiences are precious, but if you are living your life as an Idol Charmer, make sure you take the time to realize your own needs and feelings. In the midst of a continuous party, celebration or gathering; the glamorous details can become too great leaving you depleted and exhausted from trying to provide a certain experience to those around you. What is it that you are really looking for out of all of this? “Heavy hangs the head, that last night wore the crown.” If you are being charming in hopes to achieve something or receive something in return, then you are not authentically celebrating. – See more at:

    I don’t deliberately try to charm because Im some sociopath or sycophant.I do it because I usually have to work a lot harder at being a social butterfly which I don’t want to be.Most of the time I couldn’t care if the whole world hated me as long as it doesn’t affect me or as long they don’t to try to get in my way.When I was younger I always socially awkward and as it turned I got diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when I was about 16 after being in a really bad frame of mind and being analyzed a little while from the head doctors.Anyway it made me want to try and be bit smarter.Usually you have to be adaptable to try and get by In this world and thats what Im trying to do.Its not fake if its part of what you have to do sometimes to get by in life.I don’t feel bad about it either there are plenty of people of who will do the same thing to you given the chance.Im only trying to beat those who are trying to knife me in the back and pick my carcass clean at their own game.People will hate you no matter who you are, no matter what you do or say .I think sometimes you have to play the game of life better than everybody or go insane trying otherwise you will get eaten alive.The Idol Charmer really isn’t who I am in the the inside .I will play nice as long as other people play nice.I am like a volcano lying dormant the calm sweet appearance can disappear when its time to erupt.

  2. amiannMoonChild


    A wizard, a magician, a sorceress, a god or goddess… These are all individuals that can make anything happen, right? But so can you! You have the ability to make your wildest dreams come true. You have the ability to manifest your destiny. When you pull this card it is a definite insight into the personal abilities you have to create your life the way you want it to be. Everyone is a god or goddess in their own physical existence. You are actually more powerful than you can ever imagine being. Now is the time to start accepting your powers of transforming energy, intuition and manifesting your intents. How are you currently channeling your gifts?

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