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Anger, Stomach Aches and the Malignant Narcissist

red legs girlThis is a strange title but it all relates. I bet you will be able to relate, too, whether it be headaches, addictions or guilt.  I stuffed my emotions into my stomach. One can look at medical Astrology to see where one stuffs one’s feelings. They will go somewhere. Energy does not dissipate. It goes underground to emerge as something else, often illness.

For me, I had to try to stay safe as a child. I was trying to stay safe from going insane. I had a lot of anger due to abuse but I could not show it. I am not alone in this. I am a Mars and Moon in Cancer. The sign of Cancer rules the stomach. Hence, the likely place for my suppressed emotions was the stomach. I accepted that I would have stomach aches all the time. However, my latest go around with the Mal Narc showed me yet another layer of myself.

It showed me how I stuff my anger into my stomach. I stuff everything that may make people angry at me into my stomach.


I will be back

13 thoughts on “Anger, Stomach Aches and the Malignant Narcissist

  1. amiannLon Spector

    I can see what you’re saying. I have been prey to digestive difficulties my entire life.
    Most were lower then my stomach in the intestines.
    I was always a compulsive eater. I took more in, then I could get out. I’ve lost a few teeth,
    but like my late mother, I just ignore health difficulties.
    I had a minor stroke a while ago, and didn’t seek help for it at all. What for? I’m only taking
    up space on the earth.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, Lon. God needs you, though. You don’t see that. I love having you here. My English Prof client even knows you! You are an important part of this website, Lon!

  2. amiannLon Spector

    You always know you’re drifting away from God, when some “creature comfort”
    replaces him.
    For me it was ALWAYS food. There was plenty and it was easily in reach.
    Did you ever hear about the “set point” theory? The body has a natural resistence
    towards gaining or losing weight. Some people can pig out and get larger and larger until,
    the fire department must come and rescue them. Others could eat the same amount and
    get fat, but not THAT fat. Some can lose ALL the weight they want in one fell swoop,
    and others are “locked” into a certain amount.
    I was really a pig, eating inapporiate foods by the bucket full. I could eat a whole gallon of
    ice cream throughout the day. I tried to get a handle on my food abuse by fasting.
    I fasted on water for 6 days, and fell off the wagon. That very first day (New Years Eve)
    I thought I could just go back to “normal.” I bought the usual vast amount of food and
    started piling it in. Very shortly, I began throwing up hot acid from my stomach that had
    acculamated there for 6 days. Every time I did this, my througt was scorched. The flesh
    was burned. This happened for a few days.
    I was completely exhausted and draggy. And the “acid state” lasted for many days.
    The only thing to do was to fast, sleep mostly, and take vast amounts of water and
    Pepto Bismal.
    I first attempted to drink fruit juice, (It burned even when I swolled water) but the burning
    hurt so much, with oranage juice that I switched to apple juice. It took days for my throught
    to heal.
    I first tried to eat fruit, but I couldn’t keep it down. Then, I switched to yogart (Remember,
    my throught was schorched.)
    Ultimately, I could eat fruit and transitioned back to a normal healthy diet, but the lingering
    affects of years of food abuse took their toll. I don’t want to get too gross, but my digestion
    is all fouled up-let’s leave it at that.
    Like it says in the “A To Z Horoscope Maker,” by Alan Leo, “Someone with Venus in the 8th
    house is likely to die from (Bodily) functional derangement, kidney function gone arye.”
    My Sun opposite Jupiter explains my love of over indulging in rich foods!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lon You made me realize something. I did not realize I could approve without commenting. Before, I had to comment to approve, so now I can do it 1-2-3 and will be sure to do so for you!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      You really, really broke a cardinal rule of fasting. You have to build up slowly after a fast. People have died from what you did, my Friend. Thank Goodness, you did not. God can heal you totally Lon, body and soul!

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Throughout the years “food” was all I had. I was NEVER a “well rounded” person who
    could only partake of moderate amounts of ANYTHING! Nothing could satisify me like
    I lost a great amount of weight at a young age because I really believed it would transform
    the way others saw me. It didn’t work. People are VERY vicious. They are even MORE
    vicious when you have Astrological placements that bring out the worst in them as I do.
    I once saw a play on public T.V. I forget the name. It was about this boy who discovered
    he could fly. The play follows him from childhood to adulthood. It shows his childhood
    accquaintences. One person in particular, doesn’t like him at all. He is a very agressive
    bully type and attacks him. He has to be pulled off him.
    The boy attains world reknown fame because he can fly. He meets up with his old
    accquaintances. They are adult now. They are married to each other. The boy has “missed
    out” on “normal” life experiences even though he is famous. He has “the world” and yet
    missed out on normal growth. You can see that one part of him actually envies his “normal”
    friends. He particularly enivies his friend’s marriage and child. He tries to move in on his
    friend’s wife, and the friend gently reminds him that it’s HIS’ wife and child. He irks the bully
    again, and the bully has to be restrained. He’s not happy at all. In the end, he loses his
    power of flight (He falls off a cliff and dies.) but he transfers his power to his friend’s young son.
    The story is probably an anology of the Grasshopper And The Ant.” The first man was
    blessed by talent he exploited without developing practical foundations. Maybe his
    “replacement” will be wise, and not abuse his ability.
    By the way, you should see a film called “Seconds” (1966) Even though Christ is NOT
    mentioned in the film, it is a symbolic story about what happens when a Christian “blows it.”
    There’s no going back!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lon dear
      You still have a lot to offer! There are people to whom only YOU could speak. God will use you if you let Him. He could use you on here. Go back to the Forum. So what if people get mad. You will learn social skills better. I spent 4 years on LL learning skills that I now have to use all the time. I am attacked about 4 times a day in some form or another.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    One part of my “developement” was ALWAYS strides ahead of other types of developement.
    That’s what Sun square Uranus is about! You can understand “escoterics” but you can’t
    do 9 to 5 EVERYDAY things. The Sun and Mercury in the 9th only exceriserbates that!
    So does my lack of earth, and Neptune opposite Sun. I AM NOT NOW AND HAVE NEVER
    (Neptune Trine Moon)
    “Fen PL in 1st opposite Mars in 7th. “Look at the freak!”

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Lets talk about you. When you go places, do you try to bring rejection on yourself so you can THINK that it happens everywhere? I won’t reject you. I really like having you here. You mean a lot to me and I enjoy talking with you every day 😀

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I simply don’t have the social tools, (expierence) that would assist me in making a
    positive impression. My insecurity puts off people. (Pluto in 1st) I can trigger adverse
    reactions in others. There’s plenty of Astrological literature on this.
    I was also born in the Chinese year of the Dog, under the sign of Tauras. You should read
    what the book “The New Astrology” by Suzanne White, and the recent book “Cosmic
    Astrology” has to say about that placement. I both give and take OFFENSE.
    There is so much emphasis placed on the “powerful and sexy” aspects of Pluto in the 1st,
    (And I imagine it would be so at a blog aimed at young people.) that people overlook that
    there is an entire OPPOSITE extreme of this placement. The best description of the
    extremes of Pluto in the first comes from the book “The A To Z Horoscope Maker,” by Alan
    Leo. True, Pluto in the first can be smug and overconfident in some ways, but it can also
    suffer from immense insecurity to the point of self abuse. Also, Pluto in the first can put off
    others because of the intensity of the native. They can percive him as “seedy” and
    untrustworthy. I have been the recipiant of some very cruel cold shouldering by people who
    hardly know me. I don’t appreciate that I have been the butt of jokes by guys attempting to
    impress gals to go to sleep with them via humour. Let these players use some other means
    to get into woman’s pants!
    ROUTE LONG AGO. But I’m not an “injustice collector.” I have Moon in Cancer, Venus
    in Pisces, and Sun + Mercury in the 9th.
    with those “sweet effet placements.” It’s like an up and down seesaw. Not to mention my
    Leo raising which DEMANDS “respect,” which I rarely get!

  6. amiannLon Spector

    It pains me to have to say this, but the messages I post today will be my last to this blog.
    It’s no reflection on you, and it’s inevitable that it would happen sooner or later.
    Even if I had desired to post for a longer amount of time, my father is soon to die, (I don’t
    know percisely when) and my life would undergo such upheavels that I probably would never
    be able to post messages again, because I would no longer have acess to a computer which I
    barely know how to use to begin with. I will continue to look to see if you have posted any
    responses to my messages of yesterday, then I shall leave.
    I’m not like anybody you’ve dealt with, but I DO feel closest to catman. He is a person who
    can undergo many emotional changes in the course of a 24 hour period, from immeanse
    elation, to-off-the-cliff-depression. I could have sworn he was an ennagram 4!
    Though I earnestly feel you ARE Christian, and I laude you for your kind heartedness
    and attempts to meld the vastly different worlds of Astrology and conservative Christianity,
    you are fighting a loosing battle. You will NEVER find acceptance among the ranks of
    Hagan and Roth! Did you hear the song a few years back called “It’s Ironic” or “How Ironic?”
    by that ecentric woman singer who’s name begins with M? That’s you Ami! I WOULD NEVER
    hurt you for the whole world! You are WONDERFULL WONDERFULL!
    But I happen to be a one in a million oddball that can’t give or accept love from ANYONE-
    So I pollute EVERY THING AND EVERYONE I TOUCH! My misery will soon be over by my
    hand, society’s or God’s (Uranus in 12th)
    I don’t know whether you will moderate these final posts, or keep them here. But understand

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