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Asteroids in the Astrology Chart of James Holmes–The Colorado Killer

Asteroids personalize any chart. A chart is not complete without Asteroids, in my humble opinion. I have seen natal charts which were quite easy, only to add Asteroids and see a great deal of difficulty. I will start to look at James’ Asteroids. Again, bear with me as this will be an ongoing study.

Lucifer conjunct Mercury

Mercury is the planet of the mind. Lucifer is not what you think. It is not evil. It is pride. Lucifer is wanting to go one’s own way without God. That is the bare bones of the story of Lucifer. Lucifer was created as the most beautiful being who ever existed.It was said that he had musical instruments as part of his body. Lucifer chose to try to over throw God. Lucifer wanted to be worshiped as God. Hence, when we bring the Asteroid Lucifer and put it conjunct Mercury, we have a proud person. Pride can lead to evil( and often does) However, the Lucifer Asteroid, in it’s purest terms, is not evil, but pride.

The Lucifer Asteroid is pride of the sort that a man will not bow his knee to God, as opposed to pride in one’s possessions or achievements. Each and every Asteroid is very, very specific. Many have very subtle shades of meaning, as does Lucifer.

I have seen Mercury conjunct Lucifer in several charts. The people do seem to want to be their own gods. I feel quite certain this was the case with James. I think we can ascertain that from this conjunction.

Hekate conjunct Pallas

This is interesting. Hekate is one’s shadow side. What Hekate conjuncts is hard for one to face. However, one must call up the Asteroid which conjuncts Hekate and bring it to the light/the fore. Pallas is tribal wisdom. Think of the tribal elders. They had a maturity which served to glue together the tribe. Pallas is this level of maturity and wisdom. James had Pallas buried as Hekate will do to what it touches. James needed to look at it and bring it up to the fore. It is obvious that he did not. Check your own charts for what Hekate conjuncts. You need to face this, in yourself.


Nessus conjunct Karma (4 degrees)

4 degrees is wide for an asteroid, but the nature of this conjunction takes my breath away, so I think it has significance. Nessus is pure evil. We, all, have a Nessus and hence, the capacity for evil. Karma is one’s destiny. I do not believe in past lives, so do not take Karma as showing past lives, as some astrologers do. I would say that Karma could show destiny in this life. Nessus is the asteroid of rape. It takes what it wants from another person, with no thought for the others welfare. I think we could say that Karma conjunct Nessus fits with James. Of course, no person was created by God to do evil. God wants all men to live abundant lives. Men make choices. There is a dark side to man and dark forces in the Universe. Any horrible crime is a persons aligning himself with these dark forces. To put this one one sentence. This conjunction shows a destiny of evil.

Ceres conjunct Venus

This conjunction makes for a very warm and tender person. Ceres is the asteroid of unconditional love. In the myth, Ceres wandered the earth looking for her beloved daughter. Ceres is one of my favorite asteroids. If a person’s Ceres touches your personal planets, he will feel warmth to you.It is a very precious connection. For James, this would be a charm aspect. This is his third charm aspect, so I do not believe he was a nerd type. He has three major aspects for charm. I have never seen a nerd type have Venus trine the Moon. He, also, has Mars in Scorpio, which is pure charisma. Now, we have his planet of love(Venus) conjunct the asteroid of unconditional love. I think he was a charmer. ( Just an aside, in the charts of players, they must have a tenderness aspect. If not, how would they attract woman? Ceres is, often, prominent in the charts of players.)

Orchus conjunct Vesta

This would be a hero’s asteroid conjunction. Vesta holds what it touches, with devotion. Vesta, then, gives out, in self sacrifice, what it touches. Orchus is the asteroid of the hero. Orchus was beset with woes and trials. He overcame from pure courage. Orchus is one of the most admirable asteroids of all. Hence, this conjunction would be expected to be seen in a great person who had many trials but matured into someone of greatness, such as in a Lincoln or Churchill.

Each chart has both blessings and struggles. James chart is no exception.

Quoar conj Ixion

This is an interesting one. One of my clients had this. Quoar is out of the box brilliance, but of a creative nature, not a “book smarts” nature. Paul McCartney has Quoar conjunct Mercury( the planet of the mind). Albert Einstein has Quoar conjunct his Ascendant( his outer self, outer mannerisms: his external self which interfaces with the world)

Ixion is lawlessness. Ixion can commit any crime or do any action, with no guilt. I suppose we could call Ixion, the “psychopath” as what else would we call a person who could do anything and not care.

We really could use Jame’s time of birth with some of these asteroid conjunctions, as the time of birth would show Houses. Houses would show the sphere of life in which the conjunction would play out.

I would describe this conjunction as an evil genius. This conjunction would be someone using out of the box creativity for evil, with no thought of others.

Neptune conjunct Poseidon

This is an interesting one, as Poseidon is very profound insight,such as a Shakespeare. Neptune clouds what it touches. Neptune puts deception on what it touches. I would say that someone with this conjunction may have their insight clouded and befuddled. I think this would fit in this case.

Narcissus conj Mars and Pluto

This is a shocking one. Mars is drive. Jame has Mars in Scorpio, which is the most powerful Mars. Also, Mars conjuncts Pluto which puts nuclear power onto his Mars. We have Narcissus conjunct an already powder keg aspect aspect. One can say that James was blinded to his own nature. He had an image of himself, which bore little semblance to reality. Narcissus conjunct Mars/Pluto would make one use one’s Narcissus for attaining one’s goals. Mars represents goals. I think we can say that James was a very Narcissistic person. Of course, many people are, but few commit such heinous acts.

My fellow Astrologers tell me Mars conjunct Pluto is one of the most important aspects linking James to this massacre. Narcissus added to this conjunction is one of the worst asteroids one could add. I will tell you a bit about the myth of Narcissus. Narcissus could only see himself. Echo loved him, but he was in love with himself. The larger ramifications of this is that Narcissus does not consider others. He is the center of his world, to an abnormal degree. Pluto conjunct Narcissus would fuel Narcissus with not just drive, which would be Mars, but with nuclear drive, which would be Pluto.

Angel conjunct Lust

I felt the asteroid Angel in him. It reminds me of Rob Thomas of Santana. I felt the Angel asteroid in him and it was conjunct Nessus. I think one could say that the light was mixed with the dark in these two men. Rob Thomas is a singer, and not a killer, of course. However, he embodies a feeling of light next to darkness. James has an angelic quality to me. His Angel is mixed up with an Asteroid which is very different from angelic behavior. When an intense and primal asteroid such as Lust conjuncts a pristine Asteroid such as Angel, I think you would have a person with the feel of both light and dark. This makes for a very magnetic man, as I think James was, from the three aspects for pure charisma, which we saw in the article on his planets.( These were Mars in Scorpio, Venus trine the Moon and Venus conjunct Ceres.)

Please forgive typos, as this is an ongoing article.


4 thoughts on “Asteroids in the Astrology Chart of James Holmes–The Colorado Killer

  1. amiannmom

    Ami what can it mean mars-Hekate tight conjunction in aqua 1 orb and all this square to Saturn (scorpio) 0 orb and pluto (libra) 4 orb conjunction and maybe there is a moon in this conjunction of pluto Saturn. May it mean that he is violent and manipulative? He is religious ,but there are a lot of people-surprises

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I could not answer if he is violent just based on those few examples. Mars/hekate would be someone who did not want to LOOK at his own impulses. I would say that he was hiding hiis anger and aggression from himself. Does that fit? After you answer, I will go one with the rest. I like to do things one small step at a time and get your feedback, too!

  2. amiannmom

    I don’ t know if he is hiding it from himself,but from the others,who is not his family,definitely and this is about all the feelings- he is like he has no feelings at all not anger not joy-cold, but I think that I can feel his inner aggression and strength,although he is very polite and smiling and religious. And maybe he has a lot of feelings inside him and he is very passionate person,but he is cold specific to me. Maybe if I were another person I would feel a lot of feelings shown? This his mars falls in my 5 th house in the synastry and we have sun-pluto opposition (I am the sun). 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Come post your synastry on my Forum. That would be better. I am doing some readings, so will be tied up for a bout 4 days but then would love to look. Other people are there to look now, though. Hope to see you there 😀

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