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Did You Ever Have Someone Dog You?

I will have a certain type of person ( and the same type) dog me. When one goes away, another pops up. The person will try to befriend me and then turn on me. This will happen, again and again, until I realize what is happening. Then, a light bulb will go on and I will realize I have been down this path before. I suppose it is like Ziggy falling in to the pothole. First, he falls in. Then, he falls in, again. Then, he walks around the pothole. Then, he takes a different road.

The person who pops up, again and again, for me, tries to wear a perfect face. Hence, she can do gorilla warfare and few people see. I have had the same type of person dog me, such that I know the tactics. My conclusion is that the person is very envious,in general, and of me, in this case. This kind of person is envious of everyone, but some people seem to spark her. Honestly, I rarely am mean to people. I cannot say I never act badly, but it is rare. I really do try to treat others, as I would like to be treated. Hence, when I have these kinds of woman assail me, I can, honestly, say that I did not bring it on myself, other than be who I am, with my talents and my flaws( as we all have)

I suppose that I do want to learn to take a new street this time. I suppose I have learned that you have to fight back and let the person know that there will be consequences to their actions. Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple. There is righteous anger. Jesus is our model for life. Jesus hated hypocrites. Jesus hated evil. Jesus got angry and acted in that anger. Jesus was not a wimp. Christians don’t have to be, either.


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