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Do You Have Trouble With the Same People?

Do you have trouble with the same people–sign wise? I am thinking that I do. If you have someone who gets under your skin, make a note of his or her Sun sign, as that is, usually, obvious. If you know Astrology, try to find the Moon sign. These would be the two biggest players in a person annoying you. The Ascendant does not seem as strong, here. The Ascendant is not as much of a “built in” position, as the Sun and the Moon. The Ascendant is a position in space, not an actual planetary body. That may be the reason.

At any rate, the people who annoy me seem to have Aquarius Suns and Virgo moons. The Aquarius Sun is the number one irritant Sun sign, for me. I have gone to my chart to see why the Aquarius Sun would be the one which bothers me, the most. I have floated theories on which signs annoy people, based on one’s chart.

I have not gotten conclusive answers. I think that the sign of your Chiron may be a factor. Mine is in Aquarius. My mother’s Sun is an exact conjunction with my Chiron, in the 4th House. My mother has an Aqua Sun with an exact conjunction( combust) with her Aquarius mercury. This conjuncts my Chiron. Maybe, this is the reason for my dislike of Aquarius Suns.




PS To my sweet friends with Aquarius Suns, this is not meant for you!


5 thoughts on “Do You Have Trouble With the Same People?

  1. amiannscorpiomama

    The people who irritate me the most are Sagittarius Suns. My Chiron is 20 degrees Aries, creating a trine with these Sun people. Virgo Moon I think could play a role as it opposes my Pisces Moon. My mother and two sisters are Sagittarius Suns. My mother and I couldn’t see eye to eye on anything. Her Moon was either Libra or Virgo. My sisters, I actually get along with. I had one funny Sagittarian friend who I miss quite dearly now. He always cheered me up. So I think you’re right. It’s the MOON of the person, not so much the Sun sign. I am Scorpio Sun 29 degrees and Pisces Moon 8 degrees conjunct Jupiter and Juno.

  2. amiannlisahampton

    I would like too know where do evil people go do they go to hell like they should or not. they look ihuman life like so I was woundering where do they why are they with us all on earth for/I have cuz just like that they look and act human but there not of the kind.i was so when I was 4years old when they looked like the devil like possest like it scared me to death.even like tommy dunas that’s why I wish hed die a offulldeath now to night and day thank for my sight.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Friend
      Well, I wrote this when I had a rabid Anti-Semite on my back. This woman is evil and an Anti-Semite. However, to be serious, all people who do not have Jesus as their savior will go to Hell. This is not because God is mean. It is the plan for eternal life in Heaven with God.

  3. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami,
    I have been thinking about this, and I have noticed that Taurean women annoy me, as they have no sense of humour. I know quite a few of them and it appears that they have a thick wall around them that won’t let things penetrate very well. I can’t comment on the men, as I have not met many. Another sign is Leo suns. I have not met one that isn’t so self-centred that they can only see their own point of view. Maybe this is from my own Mars in Leo in that I don’t want to take a back seat to anyone. I see some of myself in them,(LOL) BTW, my ex-husband is a Leo, and another man around me is also.

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