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Gaslighting——Part Two

People seem to really like the article on Gaslighting. So, I will add more experiences and more thoughts on the subject. One of my readers seemed to think that I could not believe in God and react back, in turn,when Gaslighted. Perhaps, it was a lack of maturity on my part. Perhaps, he was right. However, I come to you, on my website, as I am. I have Moon conjunct the MC, exact. My pledge to my readers is my honesty. If people want to find a perfect person, they best move on. I am someone who came from an abusive past and is trying to climb out of it. If you can resonate with that, keep reading. If not, go off looking for a saint and Good Luck 😀

Back to my situation with being Gaslighted. The first person who Gaslighted me so badly, left. I am left with the smaller version of her. This one is more like a yapping mosquito than a full fledged bear attack. I can sit back and watch Gaslighting in progress and I can learn. If you are Gaslighted, the Gaslighter wants ONE thing from you. You have to remember this. He wants your reality. He wants to make you shed your reality as one would shed one’s clothes before taking a shower. He wants you nude, devoid of your beliefs, your morals and your compass. If you hang on to these, the Gaslighter has little power over you. However, most people do not know WHO they are. This is a problem underlying Gaslighting.

If one does not know who one is, the Gaslighter can push you around the ring like a 90 pound weakling next to Mohammud Ali. It is not pretty. However, on the other hand, the Gaslighter can force you to FIND OUT who you are by the sheer force of the pounds on your head. This is what happened to me but I did need a little help from my friends. We all do. No man is an island.

If one has come from an abusive past, one needs to find a few cheerleaders. I have two, at the moment. They have been the same ones I have had for four years.I believe God sends people into out lives. These two men have mentored me. They have seen me very broken. They have seen me climb up from a deep hole. I know many of my readers and clients can relate to this because they are( or were) in the same place.

Your mentors have to have wisdom. The unwise people will tell you to get over it. They will mock you when you don’t because you CAN’T. When you are abused, you get a mindset of beliefs. The core of them is that you are worthless. You see the world from this lens. The lens is deep and it is stable. By stable, I mean that it was built up for survival purposes. One can’t tear it down on a whim. It must be taken down brick by brick. Wise people know this. Superficial people don’t.

Many of my clients want counseling with me, after I do their charts. I have Jung conjunct the Sun and am a natural counselor. A counselor cannot be taught. He was made from God. A degree gives you the credentials to counsel but not the heart. Part of my heart is being willing to be honest about who I am. There are no perfect people. If you are trying to follow God, as I am, you will mature, hopefully. However, it will not be from walking the perfect path. It will be from screwing up. If anyone tells you he is perfect or tries to imply such, run, as he is not an authentic person. That is not what you want, if you are trying to come out of your own deep hole, as many people are.



I will be back

9 thoughts on “Gaslighting——Part Two

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            My website means a lot to me. It is very personal to me. I thought you were putting disrespectful info up and so I deleted. If I did that in error, I am sorry.

  1. amiannGhastlyted

    Sorry things arent personal thus personal info doesn;t exist. My writings do not in any way shape or form expose or undermine anyone. I wrote “woman” and “male” those are my only protegonists/ antagonists. No name where disclosed. It is disturbing that such honesty was delted . Some times I wounder if posting is correct etiquette.

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