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The Natal Chart of James Holmes—- The Killer in The Colorado Massacre

These are his chart specifics:

Born on 13 December 1987 local time 8:05 am
in San Diego, CA (US) U.T. 16:05
117w09, 32n43 sid. time 13:43:38

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Sagittarius 21

29 thoughts on “The Natal Chart of James Holmes—- The Killer in The Colorado Massacre

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Lonake. I amended my article. HOWEVER, that time of birth does make sense, though. Do you think he looks like a Cap ASC with Venus in the first. That would put the Saggi Sun in the 12th and the Virgo Moon in the 8th. What do you think, speculation wise?

  1. amiannAnonymous

    The conjunction of Saturn sun and mercury in the 12 th house is not good, and should be looked into as per Vedic astrology.

  2. amiannNilsa Gorey

    Dear Astrologer,
    According to Holmes himself he was born on Dec 10, 1987, not 13 as we saw published all over the place. Here is the link:

    Take care and keep up with your excellent work.
    Nilsa Gorey {NYC}

    P.S. Can you please reveal the SOURCE for the time of birth you are using in your analysis? We are searching for this tob like crazy and haven’t found anything yet. Where did your info come from? Thanks again, []s,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Nilsa
      I am going to stick with this date, as it seems to be the generally accepted one. I found my original information on Initially, there was a time of birth. Then, the person said she was in error and there was no time of birth. However, someone must have made an educated guess of s Capricorn Ascendant, which does not quite a bit of sense, on many fronts.
      Thank you for you kind and gracious words to me! x

  3. amiannAnonymous

    Dear ami,

    This conjunction holds for the whole day, so we just have to study the planet moon placement once the time is out.

  4. amiannDrex Mason

    You are one of the few readers I have run across who understands the coarse nature of a Virgo moon.It is one of the single harshest placements in a chart. In my system,the Moon is in fall in Virgo.It denotes the end of the growing season and can produce a type of empty nest syndrome. It is without a doubt one of the leading indicators of OCD in a person. Like you said,very cold.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Drex. That encourages me to, always, be honest when doing charts. One wants to mitigate placements, so that people’s feelings are not hurt. However, truth is always the right answer. Thank you for your comment, dear. Please, keep commenting!

  5. amiannsteve cochran

    i don’t take a step by step approach to chart analysis. I look at the parts that scream loudest first and that pluto/mars conjunction is a loud screamer. I remember the season of his birth because those 2 planets were transiting conjunct my natal asc and mars at the time. Scorpio is about determining the root causes of things and thus establishing a basis for either forgiveness or blame. When either mars or Pluto fall in Scorpio, forgiveness is likely only after considerable airings of anger and blame. And I agree that the moral compass is less than steady on the saggitarius/gemini axis.

  6. amiannrlov

    i appreciate your efforts here; however, you need to do some serious study with the virgo moon. i get that is your perspective…but that blanket statement on a cold virgo moon could also be true of the other earth signs.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, they could. Again, I struggle with saying things as “straight out” as I have, here. However, so many Astrologers sound like pablum. Their work is a dense mess because they will not call things straight. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are finding value in my website. That is what it is all about, for me.

  7. amiannSweet-scorpion

    This is an excellent start Ami.

    Although I feel bad about it to a degree, I have to agree that Virgo Moon is a difficult Moon and probably, one of the most difficult to have. I have it, which is where the guilt comes from. The only reason I am more emotional and less emotionally stable than others with the same placement is from the Moon-Chiron-Pholus conjunction, and Moon trine Lilith+Uranus+Neptune. BUT, I still resonate from your words. I am the type who sometimes, cringes when people hug me. Unless you have known me for a very long time, do not try to hug me. I have a few exceptions to this, if I really click deep down with someone it’s OK, but if I have just an acquaintance or something like that, I really avoid hugs and prefer hand shakes. I am also the type who analyzes my own feelings sometimes obsessively (12th house Pluto is no help). I have many times in the past, pre-planned what my smile and reaction would look like to opening gifts on a birthday or on Christmas because quite often, I can’t bring myself to be genuinely overjoyed or happy. I do have depressive tendencies but, it stems beyond that.

    I can see how James’ Virgo Moon in the 8th, would lead to even worse emotional suppression. Virgo Moon already has a tendency to break down in neuroses and analytical behavior, and insecurity about the self and emotions + attachments. In the 8th his emotions are being suppressed and square his sorrowful 12th house Sun, he’s obviously suffered from a lot of intense bouts of psychosis in his life… I also hate saying this but some of the worst deceitful people I’ve ever encountered have been Sagittarius people. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sign a lot, it’s my ASC too. But I’m going by experience. One Saggie I know is basically, a backstabber and enjoys telling lies and revealing secrets to make others hate one another. I can see how the Virgo-Sag square would push James over the edge eventually. How his already difficult Moon doubly suppressed could make him so cold towards others, since the 8th house is the house of intimacy and revealing the self to others.

    James has a powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction which automatically screams out to me, obsessive compulsive and brooding, teeming with aggression at times… that can quickly drag you down into the depths of OCD psychosis. What’s clear about Mars-Pluto is immense and unprecedented, self-control. Until the silver thread of control SNAPS and all hell breaks loose. And in that case, it seems to be geared towards James’ need to assert his identity, since his core self, Sun, is suppressed in the 12th, Mars is sextile his ASC conjunct planet Neptune, and Mars is in the 10th of fame. He obviously snapped out with intentions to get some degree of attention… I also noticed his Mercury squares his Moon, leading him to be overpowered by dark and suppressed emotions, which could contribute to how the movie massacre was freakishly juvenile and even more disturbing. “I’m the Joker”? Seriously…?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much SS, for your prescient comment. How nice of you to write it. I have been getting a lot of negative feedback that I say things straight out, but truth is the only thing that heals. Covering truth over with lies so people feel better is not love. Truth is love! You are a very brave person to face yourself so honestly. My favorite book is “People of the Lie” by Scott Peck. He says that people will be emotionally healthy, if they can face truth! xox

      1. amiannSweet-scorpion

        You’re welcome Ami! It was a pleasure writing it. Thank you for thinking of me as brave, that is really kind of you. 🙂 Since I’m a very Chironic person, I completely agree that the truth may hurt intensely at first, but like Florence Welch says, it’s always darkest before the dawn, right? After the pain, comes an unexpected period of inner freedom and healing. It might take some time, but in the end it’s all worth it. Thanks for the book rec too, I’ll put it on my reading list and try to tell you what I think about it! XXOO

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are my kind of person SS. As I mature, I realize that I value honesty a great deal and do not want to do Astrology which is not straight shooting. Truth spoken with love will always be the right answer.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          Would you be willing to research Algol for me. I want to write an article on Algol conjunct Pholus. Pholus is very, very powerful. What touches it seems to explode, It is very sad that he had this conjunction. How close was it?

  8. amiannKatie

    I entered asteroids for DOB 12-13-1987 these are what I have:
    Angel: 22 deg Aquarius
    Swindle: 16 deg Sagittarius
    Lucifer: 16 deg Sagittarius
    Nessus: 14 deg Virgo
    Dejainira: 2 deg Cancer
    Chaos: 11 deg Taurus
    Nemesis: 17 deg Virgo

    I used tob as 12 noon.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much. I got waylaid by client’s charts and did not go back to this. I really appreciate your help though. I will go back, when I have a break in my personal charts for clients!

  9. amiannShane

    You also have to check his numerology signs, the morals that comes with each signs AND his Chinese-Zodiac signs and etc… There’s more than astrology to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For example, did he have some numerology 8 in him?…..(like his name numbers or life path, day or etc…))

  10. amiannCommon Sense

    Holmes was a nerdy forever-alone virgin loner who took out his feelings of worthlessness on others…Don’t think there is anything more to it to be honest (through your post is very interesting)….He was a nerdy “nice guy” introvert with poor social skills who after dropping out of Grad school (the one thing he excelled in was academics due to his high IQ and nerdy nature) had nothing to live for and was probably angry (especially at women) and looking for revenge…This is pretty much the same profile for every mass murderer. He’s not crazy or mentally ill…..but socially isolated.

    Alot of serial killers may feel that God tells them what to do….But Holmes is not a serial killer….He’s a mass murder (or you could say rampage shooter)….The psychological profile of a serial killer and a mass murderer are usually quite different (many serial killers have good social skills and are not socially inept loners…whereas almost all rampage shooters have poor social skills and are loners)…I doubt Holmes had any voices in his head or anything like that and I don’t think he was crazy at all…Just angry and if he was looking for anything before the attack it was a girlfriend/sex…..which of course someone like him with poor social skills-low confidence could never get…

    Basically nerdy virgin nice guy rampage….

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Astrology is the best tool for understanding oneself and others imho. However, even trying to understand oneself is so very difficult, let alone another person. Please, come and register for my Forum. I made it, so people could discuss these and similar ideas with like minded people. Hope to see you there!

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