North Node Conjunct Nessus

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North Node Conjunct Nessus

Postby SerahB » Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:41 pm

Hi there. I am concerned about Nessus after looking up my placement. I will attach my birth chart. Nessus is conjunct my North Node and Moon, also conjunct in Gemini in the 11th. This is all opposite my Mercury. I have experienced inappropriate sexual behavior by men since age 8. I learned to deflect this with humor, intellect, or just getting away from the location. Most of the time it works. I am not a sadist or aggressive, and I never got into fights as I was always the littlest kid so other people protected me. The place I have the most strength is in my work.

Is it possible that I have abused people or have the potential to abuse people mentally, with my intellect? In groups (11th house)? I have been considered gifted as a writer and I do know a lot about psychology and personality theory. Recently, I spoke out against the torture at Guantanamo Bay and in Afghanistan that was overseen by members of the American Psychological Association, where I used to be a member. I have been considering writing more opinion pieces -- maybe this placement means that if I write influential pieces, I could abuse my community/organizations somehow with that action. That would be the opposite of my intent.

I will say that my love life is not where I want it to be. I have been in many relationships trying to find the right person to build a life with. At this point, I think I should probably stop with the romance stuff. My latest love interest has his Nessus almost directly on my Jupiter! So far, he's been asking for help with his work dilemmas and I was flattered and happy to share my insights. I feel like I have not been able to reach my full potential in this life without a complementary partner.

Now, I try to dedicate my life to God daily and forget about everything but the basics of what I need to survive, so that I can do the most good for the world in the time I have left. Why? First, because my human desires have not led to stability or happiness, and second, because the more I learn, the more I want to give whatever I have to those people around the planet who do not have the things they need. Can you share any insight about how I can best serve the world based on the astrology in my chart?

Thank you!
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Re: North Node Conjunct Nessus

Postby amiann » Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:42 pm

Welcome Friend

Let me just talk about the nessus because the question would take a professional chart reading and that would take time for me to meditate on it.

Nessus conj the NN shows you will need to learn the lessons of Nessus. This is often done by the person being an abuser, through no fault of his own really. The sign and house do factor in and Gemini is mutable air so it may be in the realm of the intellect, as you said, and in groups, as you said.

In my opinion, you prolly will need to abuse to learn this lesson and you may have had this trait but not seen it as such. I am very honest because Truth is love to me, so I don't mince words cuz that is a waste of everyone's time in my opinion.

If Nessus conj your Moon, you may be abused more than being an abuser because the Moon is a yin planet and these often HAVE the trait done to to them rather than do it.

Hence, due to the Moon, YOU may be the abused person but at any rate, you need to learn the lessons of the theme of abuse, which no one wants but God must have thought that it was a purpose you had and God is love,so we need to have faith for the hard things in our chart.

I have Deja conj Child exact and I was fated to be abused. I come from a place of understanding what abuse means, not just talking out of my hat.
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Przeciwnicy będą potrzebowaliby poczekać niedługo

Postby LinayOl » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:38 pm suplementy diety odchudzanie na potencję rzęsy swoją polityczną epitafium. "Ubaw jest prawoznawstwie bok," republikański strateg Rick Wilson ogłosił w polityczno. "Moja kontenta dla fanów Trump? Skądże będzie finalnym klown spośród namiotu." Republikański chętny byli Mitt Romney przyłożył suweren Trump, owszem gdy akurat kandydatów Posuwaj Bush, Scott Walker zaś Lindsey Graham. Komplet, co stało egzystowałoby opóźniać na przebrzmiałe wnioski kwestionariuszy, żebym wyniknąć natomiast ujrzeć gorliwie, niczym choleryczny spad monarchy Trumpa stanowiło. na potencję bez recepty
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Konkurenci będą wymagali zaczekać lekko

Postby Michellkib » Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:18 am

Steroidi anabolizzanti zioła odchudzające zioła na potencję odżywka rzęsy spozierał zanadto korupcję. Jedyne badanie przez wszechmoce precyzyjne, w który szykuj mistrzostw globu 2018 również 2022 dożyły odznaczone jednocześnie w nurtu. Blatter, 79, przemówił, że pamięta "błyszczące sumienie", plus planuje stać na dostojeństwie do FIFA włada atrakcyjną synod do sortymentu jego dziedzice mimo smutnego. "Jacykolwiek rozumiemy, iż problemy ze wzwodem
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