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If God is a God of Love Why Can’t Gay People Get Married as Heterosexuals Can—Part Two?

The hardest part is coming to see that the Bible is God’s Love Letter to man. God would not leave us on this barren earth without instructions. The Bible is the Owners Manual for man. If you bought a beautiful new BMWer, you would check the owners manual down to the details for the good of the car. You would not violate the owners manual by putting inferior products in it.You would not violate the way you were told to drive it.If you did, your car would suffer. This holds true for any appliance. We are lost without the Owners Manual when we see a kitchen device with a lot of blades before us.There are many warnings about how to attach the blades so they do not go flying off when we turn it on. I have two unused ones in my cabinet because the owners manuals scared me. How much more intricate is man than a food processor? After we have accepted the authenticity of the Bible, we must have the faith to follow it. The Bible seems very outdated in light of current society. Bible followers seem like rubes. They seem like they should be riding a horse and buggy instead of an automobile. Many Christians do make a mockery of themselves.Many many do. I do not go to church because of this. I cannot stand to see the hypocrisy. However, a church is a gathering together of two or more people talking about God.I do that.The Bible seems like a dusty old book written thousands of years ago by clueless old men. There are many myths about the Bible from people who have never studied it. The Bible advocates a life which is very different from modern society and modern mores. That is very very true. However, being different does not make it wrong.It makes it different.

If the Bible is the Owners Manual, we who believe, follow it with reverence. It is not up to us to argue with God about specifics. We assign God His Place which is above us.We assume our place which is below Him. We are His beloved children. Just as parents know better than a child, God knows better than we. Our parents were the authorities when we were children. We are the authorities of our children. God is our parent in the same way. That fact has to be accepted on our way to answering the question posed. God has a micro plan for the life of each person and a macro plan for the world.Both are written in the Bible. Both are clear.The Bible is accessible to the average person. It was made to be such.One does not have to be a scholar to figure out what the Bible is saying.That is a myth.The Bible never contradicts itself. That is a myth. All things can be explained by the Bible. All questions can be answered. All dilemmas have solutions. As such, the Bible brings a great peace to people. God loves us. GOD IS LOVE. With these three postulates in mind, I will attempt to answer the question.

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