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I Hate Myself—-What Can The Chart Do To Help Me?

I get this question and have had this question. Many people ask this question, in a variety of forms. Many people suffer with it, in silence. Lets face it. It is an uncool question to ask. I have thought about this question a lot. I have wished I had a different life. I have shaken my fist at God. I have looked at people with a different family and asked, “Why me?” I don’t think I am alone. That is why I am writing this article. I will start with the natal chart, in my attempts to answer this question.

Your chart shows you, from your first breath to your last. The chart shows your essence. It shows if you will be abused or not. It shows if you will be sexually abused. It shows if you will have a good home life. It shows if you will have an absent father or a stern taskmaster who will not let up the whip. How can your story be written at the moment you take your first breath. That is the gargantuan mystery. That mystery is as great as the heavens. That mystery is as great as the amazing wonder of the human body or the creation of life from an egg and a sperm. These are all the mysteries of life. The chart foretelling who you will be before you take your second breath is equally amazing.

The next question would be, “Why was I made like this? Why was I abused? Why did I have a father who would never let up on me? Why was I betrayed?” The specifics cannot be answered by a man, any man. However, the existence of the chart can tell you that you were made by a Divine intelligence who wanted you, just as you were. This Divine Intelligence had your life as part of His plan. You were not an accident. Your struggles were not an accident. Your gifts were not an accident. You were made with precision. The chart has exquisite precision, down to the name asteroids. Who can deny this? It can’t be denied. Hence, where do you fit in? You fit in, exactly right. You fit into a divine plan, although you can’t know the intermediate pieces. You were made with the precision of a craftsman’s hands.

Is there a place for low self esteem? The answer is, “Not in God’s world” In man’s world, there are many ladders to perfection. One must be beautiful, smart and successful or one does not matter. There are haves and have -nots. The have nots are throw away by society. However, in God’s plan, these constructs do not exist. God loves man, with a love we cannot imagine. You will see this, if you watch the NDEs I have posted. The way to self esteem is to know that God loves you, flaws and all. You were made for a purpose. Then, study the heck out of your chart. Revel in your gifts and try to accept your hardships. Everyone has them, as evidenced by the Chiron in everyone’s chart. There is one way to have a successful life. Accept Jesus as your God. That is your purpose for being on this earth. God wants you and will go to the ends of the earth for you. His love is that big.Write to me if you have questions <3



20 thoughts on “I Hate Myself—-What Can The Chart Do To Help Me?

  1. amiannGabby

    Good article Ami!!
    I agree everything we experience is God’s divine plan to help us finally see…for happiness, peace and life we must turn to him…let the soul lead and stop thinking we can direct our own step with our monkey brain!
    I’m pretty sure i wanted to be hit in the head really hard during this life so id get it, and turn away from thinking i could do anything without Gods support!

  2. amiannadele

    you blow my mind! you give me a sigh of relief and answers that i continuously search for but do not find. you put it so simply. thank you. i wish society, myself included, had the courage to accept these truths, alas its to overwhelming and humans are so easily scared. but you understand it and your not scared to share your knowledge, thank you!!

    Adele x

  3. amiannadele

    Hi Ami!
    Im hoping by dolly you might of been referring to my cringey email address haha…
    anyways i posted ‘alert for name asteroids’ about my name asteroid conjuncting my sun 10th house in cancer. I have only followed your website as its the only thing i learn truthful/factual answers, i have a habit of forgetting my passwords but i will log back in (adele_90) and send you my chart with your fave asteroids. ps your gonna be in shock when you see my synastry chart with my crush (venus gemini lol ) as we have child conjunct child, moon trine moon & venus conjunct lilith double whammy!! Love Adele xx

  4. amiannGina

    I am battling depression. I have lost my trust that god is here for me or is even real. Too many set backs snowballing and I am getting too physically tired to fight to feel normal when I get up everyday. My younger son is why I care. I want him to have a healthy upbringing to the best of my capabilities. My trust in god, people, fate is low and I have a Sagittarius Ascendent so that really sucks because I want things better. I keep it hidden but I am needing some guidance. I do believe in a higher power and pray to Jesus because he has shown up in visions I have had in my prayers that were healing in my past, he was kind and loving. All that Jesus has helped with seems so very far away now. I am poor and not because I don’t work hard. I am a single working parent with an ex husband who has wiped me out in court cost and left me before I could advance myself in my career. I am now 53 raising my son alone now and losing some of the hope I once had. Most of my personal planets are in a stellium in the 8th house so I have risen like the Phoenix as they say at other times in my life. Too much grief in too many area’s of my life now seems to be blocking me and maybe you can help. I hesitate to ask because I don’t trust that there is help for me but I know that has more to do with where I am at right now. I know astrology fairly well and have found it to be a helpful tool over the years. (I just found your sight by accident because I was curious about Tori and Dean astrology because of the recent cheating news. I watched there reality show and liked her. I like to learn about people through there charts, it helps me learn more about astrology.)
    I like that you are opened up to your intuitive gift and astrology and also a Christian. It is unique to find this combination, but I like that about your background. My birthday is 8/11/1961 at 4:49 pm in Seattle, WA. I know this is how you make a living and I respect that because I am self employed as well. But if you could pray for me and in that prayer if anything opens up to you to help please let me know. If not then all I can do is ask and I have. Thank You for reading this.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Gina dear
      This is not my living. I I have a Forum where I look at charts at no charge. You can come ask me anything you like and come and talk for as long as you like. I do charge for professional readings as it is my labor and that is how people feel their labor matters and they derive personal satisfaction and self esteem.

      If you can generate your chart, I would love to look. You can generate it free of charge at and then put it in Photobucket and then put up the image code on my Forum.
      If you need help, I will help you put it up, so don’t let that deter you. You are not alone anymore. You found a home here and I am on your side!



    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Did you post it on my Forum, Gina dear. I am finishing a professional chart and when I am done in the next few days, I will come back and look! If all you can do is post it here, that is OK. I usually don’t do that but computers may not be your thing, so that is cool

  5. amiannGina

    I need help I tried with my sons help and it didn’t work. I am not very computer savvy. But if this helps my birthdate is 08/11/1961 at 4:49 pm in Seattle, Wa

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have this weekend trying to finish a professional chart. After I finish this, I will work on the charts in the Forum. Tell your son to generate the chart in Astro. com and then put it in a Photobucket and then put up the image code on my Forum

      1. amiannGina

        I can’t figure out how to post my chart. I tried, asked for help we couldn’t figure it out. Honestly, Amiann this has been the theme for me for the last 5 -6 years. I step out try to move forward and I am blocked. I am not trying to feel sorry for myself because that would feel even worse. I have worked my way thru a lot and it always brought me closer to a truth I needed to understand and grow in. I am feeling like a worn out warrior of life right now.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          1. Generate the chart at
          2. Get a Photobucket account
          3. Put the chart in there
          4. Copy the image code on the side and put this on my Forum

          1. amiannGina

            My teenage son said it can’t be done on my IPad. You gave me 4 steps and neither one of us couldn’t make it work and he is pretty good with computer stuff. So, unless you have something new I think I am done. You have my permission to use my chart as a helpful point of discussion in your forum if you want though.
            Thanks for checking back with me anyways.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I see, Gina. Right now, I don’t have the time to post it for you, so we will have to wait until a later time, my Friend. I am sorry.

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