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More Freaky, Freaky Coincidences From The Charts.

1. Maxine Davis allowed me to use her name. Some of her freaky coincidences involve her name. Here are her words

The Davis asteroid (Last name) is in Cancer in my chart which funny enough is my Dads Sun sign and its in the same degree as my Venus 16 degrees

2. More from Maxine.

And I looked at my parents synastry my mothers Briede conjunct my dads Groom at 0 degrees! Pretty intense!! haha.

3. My friend who does not want to be named was born in a foreign country and moved to the US. The name of the foreign country conjuncts her ASC.

4. One girl has her mother’s name conjunct her own MC.

5. Here is a lovely story I found on the following website. I thought you would like it as much as I did.

1. My name, Zane, has its origin in the name John (much as Bob has its origin in the name Robert, or Bill in William).
2. My nickname, going all the way back to when I was 18, was Adam. And even now, I use the name from a favorite book, “Adam Link”, for an internet nickname. My yahoo nick for example is AdamLink.

There is an asteroid named Johnadams, which falls right on my 7th house cusp at 15 Virgo 06. My two names….

I don’t know the date I picked the nickname, unfortunately, but the name ‘Zane Adam’ figures significantly in my life.
Years ago, when I was quite young and foolish, a female friend of mine got pregnant by someone she didn’t love. She was on the verge of suicide because her parents were going to force her to give the baby up for adoption. I proposed to her, even though we had never even dated, with the goal of enabling her to keep the baby. She said yes (apparently she had a crush on me for some time anyway). Being young and not knowing the law or options, we didn’t know we could have gone through with it….and her parents still sent her away to a home, where the baby was taken away from her. However, she was allowed to name it first, and so she named it Zane Adam.

I proposed to her when Mercury was conjunct my 7th/Johnadams, and found out she had named him Zane Adam in a letter received the day there was a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction exactly sextile my 7th/Johnadams.

When Johnadams reached her 8th house cusp exactly, the baby was taken away from her. Alice has Johnadams at 18 Aquarius 47, and the baby was born when she had a Johnadams return to her natal position.


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