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2012 The Year That Inspires Awe in Biblical Scholars

I have been studying Biblical Prophecy for 20 years.I found Jesus through studying prophecies. I am Jewish. It is very hard for a Jesus person to find Jesus. We need to find things through our intellect. We were brought up to think Jesus is for the Gentiles, not for us. It is considered a shame for a Jewish person to find Jesus. Other Jews reject us. For a Jewish person to find Jesus, one must go through trials, in my experience. I found Jesus through the prophecies. The prophecies are very sacred to me. 2012 is THE year, according to Grant Jeffries and Hal Lindsay, two of the top Biblical scholars . Please, study the prophecies. In them, are the verifications to ones intellect. I came to God through the intellect. You can, too. God does not want us to suspend reason. Embrace reason. He is a God who can meet you there. I will do an article on some of the Prophecies so you can look them up.

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