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25 Astrological Tidbits




1. Sexy no matter what he looks like–Mars in Scorpio

2. Co-dependent– 7th house stellium

3. Player—5th House stellium

4. Severe Childhood Abuse–usually including sexual—Dejanira conjunct the Moon

5. Less Severe Childhood Abuse—Child conjunct Dejanira

6. Was Bullied Badly–Chiron conjunct the ASC.

7. Very sexy–Lilith conjunct the ASC or MC

8. Open heart showing to the world–Moon conjunct ASC or MC( I have Moon conjunct the MC)

9. Does not let oneself get bullied—Pluto conjunct Dejanira

10. A Man Who Needs to Be chased–Venus in Aries

11. A Man Who Marries a Cruel Woman–Moon in the 12th house

12. A Man Who Feels He Did Not Make It in His Career–Chiron in the 10th House

13. A Woman Who Will Chase –Venus in Aries

14. Feeling Stuck–Can’t Go Back. Can’t Go Forward–29 degrees of any planet

15.Attractive–Venus conjunct, Trine, Square or Quincunx the ASC

16. Abusive–Nessus conjunct the ASC, Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus

17. Victimized–Dejanira Conjunct the ASC, Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus

18. Emotionally clueless—Water Void

19. Tends Toward Depression–Fire Void

20. Takes things WAY too personally–Sun combuct mercury( less than 5 degree conjunction)

21.Takes slights WAY too personally–Air Void

22. Can’t figure out how to organize–Earth Void

23. Very High Strung—Gemini

24. Very loyal–Scorpio

25. Has to Watch the Desire to Do Evil–Algol Conjunct the ASC

7 thoughts on “25 Astrological Tidbits

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Friend. I think I will do 25 more. It was fun 😀
      The Nessus would be the abuser and it would be in the area of the other person’s goals/passions/drives. Why? Tell me the story

  1. amiannRyan Sain

    Haha, Venus in Aries make .. Do you mean this as in I won’t go after girls? I’d rather them approach me? Because that’s the case, I also have Mars in Aries at 29•, but both are in the 8th.

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